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9 Best Hotels in Bergen, Norway (Where to Stay in 2024)

Bergen Børs is one of the best hotels in Bergen, Norway

Bergen is one of the most-visited (and beloved) cities in Norway, and it is situated in such an idyllic location, with sea and fjord views for days. With most of the attractions in Bergen located within walking distance from one another, the Norwegian city is an easy choice for a weekend break (or even a […]

How to Get from Tromso Airport to the City (2024 Guide!)

Tromso airport to city center options-2

If you’re exploring options for getting from Tromso Airport to the city when planning your Northern Norway trip, this guide is definitely for you! It will list five easy options (and detail which one is the most affordable!). I hope that you find the option that fits your budget and the people you’re traveling with […]

Best Time To Visit Bergen, Norway (a Month-by-Month Guide)

Best time to visit Bergen, Norway: a month and season breakdown

Bergen is renowned for its rainfall, but there are plenty of reasons to visit the city regardless of its incessant rain. But when should you plan your trip to Bergen? This guide dives into the different seasons in Bergen: winter, spring, summer, and fall. Each of the seasons in Bergen has a distinct ‘personality’ and […]

How to Visit the Ajuy Caves on Fuerteventura (in 2024!)

How to visit the Ajuy Caves in Ajuy, Fuerteventura

Are you looking to visit the Ajuy Caves on Fuerteventura? Keep reading to find out more! The Ajuy Caves were one of my favorite places I visited in Fuerteventura! From the black sands to the sound of the waves crashing against the rocks and echoing in the dark caves, I just loved the mystery of […]

Svalbard Walrus Safari: What to Expect, FAQs, & How to Book

Recapping my Svalbard walrus safari

Svalbard is brimming with Arctic wildlife, and one of the best things to do during the summer months is to see one of the walrus colonies! This post will dive into how to take a tour to see walruses in Svalbard, including what to expect, how to book, and some FAQs. This is, hands-down, one […]