How to Visit the Florence Cathedral in 2024 (+ Duomo Tickets!)

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Are you looking for how to visit the Duomo in Florence? This guide details everything to know before you visit the Florence Cathedral!

Are you planning your trip to Florence last minute?

If youʻre booking your trip to Florence last minute, we have you covered. Below are some of the top tours, hotels, and more!

🇮🇹  Here are our top picks for Florence Cathedral tours:

  1. Florence Cathedral guided tour (top-seller – covered below!)
  2. Priority entrance to Florence Cathedral (best ticket option!)

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  2. Uffizi Gallery Timed Entrance Ticket (must-do!)
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🛌  Top Hotels in Florence:

  1. Hotel Brunelleschi (top-rated luxury – overlooks Florence Cathedral!)
  2. Ostello Bello Firenze (right by Michaelangelo’s David!)
  3. Hotel Burchianti (top-rated boutique hotel)
  4. Loggia Fiorentina (budget option)

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As the crown jewel of Florence, this iconic cathedral captures the essence of the Renaissance era, where human creativity and divine inspiration converged.

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What to know before you visit the Florence Cathedral
What to know before you visit the Florence Cathedral

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Visiting the Duomo in Florence Last Minute?

If you’re planning your trip to the famous Florence Cathedral last minute and don’t have much time to make it through this guide, here are some quick links to help you secure a ticket (or a tour!) ahead of time:

  1. Duomo Cathedral Guided Tour (my top pick – has a licensed guide and is affordable!)
  2. Priority Entry and Express Guided Tour of Florence’s Cathedral (skip the line ticket + express tour!)
  3. Duomo Entry Ticket with Brunelleschi’s Dome (this tour allows you to see everything!)

Where is the Florence Cathedral?

Florence’s Duomo, officially known as the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, is located in the heart of Florence, in the Tuscany region of Italy.

The cathedral is in the central Piazza del Duomo (or Duomo Square), within walking distance from Florence’s central train station and the most relevant landmarks in town. 

Dominating the city’s skyline with its impressive dome and intricate facade, the church is visible from almost any point in the city.

Santa Maria del Fiore is one of the most famous cathedrals in the world and a must-visit destination when exploring Florence.

How to Get to the Florence Cathedral

Since the cathedral is located in a pedestrian area of town, the best way to get there is by foot.

If you’re arriving by train at Florence’s central train station, Santa Maria Novella (Firenze SMN), the Duomo is about a 15-minute walk away. Simply follow the signs and the crowds.

If you’re staying in the Oltrarno district, you can cross the Ponte Vecchio Bridge, which is about 10 minutes from the cathedral.

The Ponte Vecchio Bridge is only 10 minutes away
The Ponte Vecchio Bridge is only 10 minutes away

Nearby attractions include the magnificent Medieval square of Piazza della Signoria, another significant place in town.

In fact, while Piazza del Duomo is the city’s religious center, Piazza della Signoria always stood as the center of civil and political power in Florence.

About the Florence Cathedral (il Duomo di Firenze)

Featuring an intricate façade crowned by the magnificent dome that dominates the city’s horizon, the massive church beckons travelers to journey through time and immerse themselves in Florence’s rich history and cultural significance. 

With its awe-inspiring architecture, breathtaking artwork, and enduring influence on the world of art, Santa Maria del Fiore is not just a physical structure; it’s a portal to a bygone era of creativity and a testament to the genius of those who dared to dream and create the canvas of history. 

Santa Maria del Fiore is the main church of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Florence. It holds significant religious ceremonies and events all throughout the year.

Besides, the church is one of the most famous landmarks in Italy, while its incredible dome symbolizes the city and is an architectural gem.

The name Santa Maria del Fiore translates to “Saint Mary of the Flower,” referring to the dedication of the cathedral to the Virgin Mary and the lily, which is also the symbol of Florence.

Santa Maria del Fiore, or 'the Florence Cathedral'
Santa Maria del Fiore, or ‘the Florence Cathedral’

The construction of the cathedral began in 1296 and continued for centuries. The iconic dome was designed by Filippo Brunelleschi, and its inner part was completed in 1436, the same year that the cathedral was consecrated.

An outer dome was added years later. In fact, it has a double-shell construction that uses innovative techniques to support the massive structure.

However, while the main structure was completed in subsequent centuries, certain aspects of the cathedral’s original design and decoration remained incomplete due to historical, financial, and artistic reasons.

The ongoing restoration and preservation efforts continue to this day, ensuring that the cathedral remains an integral part of Florence’s cultural heritage. 

The cathedral can be considered a Gothic masterpiece with intricate design elements, impressive marble facades, statues, and other ornate details adding to the complex.

Scenes from the Last Judgement - trabantos - Shutterstock
Scenes from the Last Judgement – trabantos – Shutterstock

The interior boasts some of the most amazing frescoes in the Bel Paese; in particular, the dome’s interior is adorned with scenes from the Last Judgment, created by Giorgio Vasari and Federico Zuccari.

Adjacent to the cathedral, you can check out the stunning bell tower, locally known as Giotto’s Campanile. It was designed by Giotto di Bondone, and it offers a panoramic view of Florence if you climb its 414 steps.

Opposite the cathedral, it is possible to visit the Baptistery of St. John, renowned for its bronze doors, including the famous Gates of Paradise by Lorenzo Ghiberti.

During a guided tour of Santa Maria del Fiore, visitors can explore the crypt, which houses the archaeological remains of the ancient cathedral and baptistery.

Florence Cathedral crypt
Florence Cathedral crypt

The Opera Duomo Museum nearby displays original sculptures, statues, and artwork from the cathedral’s history.

Florence’s Cathedral Dome

The Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore dome is an architectural masterpiece Filippo Brunelleschi designed. It is considered one of the most significant achievements of the Renaissance period. 

The dome features a unique double-shell design made of an inner dome and an outer dome separated by a space called the octagonal drum.

It was constructed using bricks, which differed from the traditional use of stone. Using bricks reduced the overall weight and allowed for more excellent stability. 

The bricks in the dome’s construction are laid in a herringbone pattern, which enhances the dome’s structural integrity by distributing the weight evenly.

One of the most famous domes in the world
One of the most famous domes in the world

However, the most remarkable aspect of the dome is its ability to self-support during construction. Brunelleschi designed a complex system of interconnected ribs and horizontal rings to create a stable and self-supporting structure.

The so-called lantern is at the top of the dome, a small structure that provides natural light to the cathedral’s interior.

Today, visitors can climb to the top of the dome for breathtaking panoramic views of Florence. The ascent involves climbing a series of stairs and passages within the dome’s structure.

Essential Things to Consider Before You Visit Florence Cathedral

Before you visit the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, there are several essential things to consider to make your experience enjoyable.

Cathedral Opening Hours

Opening hours depend on the time of year you go and which part of the complex you visit. The main cathedral hours are usually between 10am and 4pm Monday-Saturday (it is closed on Sunday), but this can change. The dome, museum, baptistery, and bell tower have different opening times. 

Always check the most up-to-date opening hours, either in Florence’s tourist office (opposite the train station) or on the cathedral’s official website.

Entering Florence Cathedral - Route66 - Shutterstock
Entering Florence Cathedral – Route66 – Shutterstock

Keep in mind that the cathedral might close for special events or ceremonies.

Florence Cathedral Dress Code

Dress modestly and respectfully when visiting religious sites in Italy.

Try to avoid wearing sleeveless tops, short skirts, and hats. Make sure your clothing covers your shoulders and knees.

Access to the Cathedral

Entry to the cathedral is free, yet there might be a certain fee to access particular areas, including climbing to the dome, visiting the museum, the baptistery, and the bell tower. 

If you plan to climb Brunelleschi’s dome for panoramic views of Florence, be prepared for a steep ascent of around 463 steps.

The climb is not recommended for those with mobility issues. Wear comfortable shoes, as the steps are centuries old and can be slippery and irregular.

Best Time to Visit the Florence Cathedral

Although Florence is one of the most touristic cities in the country, summer and spring are the seasons that see most tourists.

In that case, booking a timed entry access or skip-the-line access ticket is the best way to avoid long waiting lines under the sun. 

Giotto’s Campanile (Bell Tower)
Giotto’s Campanile (Bell Tower)

This way, you will also secure your preferred time slot, allowing time to visit other landmarks in town, such as the nearby Uffizi Gallery.

For a smoother experience, consider visiting early in the day or after sunset.

Opera del Duomo Museum

The Opera del Duomo Museum houses original sculptures and artwork from the cathedral’s history, and a visit can offer a deeper insight into the history of Florence’s Duomo.

Museo dell'Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore - CoinUp - Shutterstock
Museo dell’Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore – CoinUp – Shutterstock

Best Guided Tours of Duomo Florence

Joining a guided tour allows visitors to gain insights into the cathedral’s history, architecture, and significance.

Guides can provide valuable context and enhance your experience. 

Finally, if you have mobility issues, inquire about accessibility options. While some areas might be challenging to access, accommodations are often in place.

Why is it Better to Visit Santa Maria del Fiore with an Organized Tour?

Visiting the Florence Cathedral with an organized tour can offer several advantages that enhance your experience.

Tours led by knowledgeable guides provide deeper insights into the cathedral’s significance.

Outside the Florence Cathedral
Outside the Florence Cathedral

Especially in Italy, official guides are university-graduated professionals prepared to give you accurate information and expert knowledge about the cathedral’s history, architecture, and the stories behind its artworks.

Besides, official guides will provide context and information that you might not find in guidebooks or online resources.

An organized tour led by a guide can also offer a deeper understanding of the cultural and historical context in which the cathedral was built, helping you appreciate the significance of the Duomo within the broader framework of Florence’s history and the Renaissance period.

Since Florence’s Duomo is rich in symbolism and artistic details, a guide can help you decipher the intricate designs, sculptures, and frescoes, revealing the deeper meanings behind them, some of which often go beyond the borders of religion and depict a unique canvas of Florence’s society during the Renaissance.

Details you'll find when visiting the Florence Cathedral
Details you’ll find when visiting the Florence Cathedral

And if you also consider practical reasons, nobody will help you navigate the vast interior of the cathedral and other areas more efficiently than an official guide.

It’s also good to remember that many guided tours offer skip-the-line access to the cathedral and some of the other buildings within the religious complex, a super convenient feature that lets you save time and ensures you make the most of your visit.

Furthermore, if you choose a private or small group tour, you will get a more personalized experience and can also ask specific questions that might interest you.

Finally, guided tours have a fixed duration, which allows you to manage time effectively and cover all the highlights within the allocated tour duration, something that you’ll really appreciate if you have only a few days to spend in Florence.

Best Tours of the Florence Cathedral

These are some of the tours we recommend checking out when looking for a Florence’s Duomo tour:

  • Duomo Entry Ticket with Brunelleschi’s Dome: This tour allows you to experience a 360° breathtaking panoramic view from the very top of Brunelleschi’s Dome. It also includes access to Giotto’s Bell Tower, the Baptistery, and other sites within the Florence Duomo Complex.
  • Duomo Cathedral Guided Tour: This tour, led by a licensed guide, lets you discover the Duomo while listening to fascinating stories about Florence and the creation of the Cupola.
  • Priority Entry and Express Guided Tour of Florence’s Cathedral: Perfect option to skip the lines to the Florence Duomo and join a fast guided tour of the interior.
  • Baptistery, Duomo Museum, Cathedral, & Bell Tower: Perfect option for a full immersion experience, this tour shows you the religious center of Florence, the Duomo Complex. You will enjoy a guided tour of the Baptistery, the Cathedral, and the Duomo Museum. After the guided tour, you can also climb the splendid Giotto’s Bell Tower.
  • Cathedral & Brunelleschi’s Dome Skip-the-Line Tour: With this experience, you can quickly enter the Duomo and climb to the top for breathtaking views. You will also enjoy a private visit to the Northern Terrace of the Duomo. The small-group tour is limited to 20 participants.
  • Accademia Gallery & Duomo Guided Tour: Experience total immersion in the artistic Florence led by a guide by joining this tour of the Accademia Gallery and Florence’s Duomo.
We highly recommend booking a tour (or priority ticket!)
We highly recommend booking a tour (or priority ticket!)

Last Details to Consider Before Visiting the Florence Cathedral

If visiting the Duomo in Florence is one of those things you don’t want to skip while you enjoy one of Italy’s most beautiful cities, keep the following suggestions in mind:

Booking in Advance

If you plan to take a guided tour, book your tour in advance (online, if possible) at least a few months before the experience.

This way, you will secure your spot and avoid disappointment. For skip-the-line access, consider tours that offer timed entry and plan the rest of your day in Florence accordingly.

Best Time of the Day to Visit Florence Cathedral

Plan to arrive early, especially if you’re visiting during peak tourist seasons (from late April to late September).

Crowds around the Duomo Florence - marekusz - Shutterstock
Crowds around the Duomo Florence – marekusz – Shutterstock

Early mornings or late afternoons might offer a less crowded experience.

Travel Light

Avoid carrying large bags or backpacks, as some areas in the church and the Duomo Museum might have restrictions.

This suggestion is especially important if you also plan to climb the Bell Tower and the Cupola.


Although most tourist activities can be found in many languages, Italians are known for not really mastering English.

Learning a few courtesy words in Italian might be wise to enhance your interactions and show respect for the local culture.

Local Etiquette

Observe local customs and etiquette regarding dressing, photography, and hours reserved for prayer.

Avoid loud conversations and respect the sacred environment of the cathedral. Remember that the Duomo is a place of worship. Be respectful of religious practices and the feelings of those visiting for spiritual reasons.

Interior of the Florence Cathedral
Interior of the Florence Cathedral

But most of all, relax and enjoy every moment of your visit.

Florence’s Duomo is a remarkable testament to human creativity and history, offering you the unique chance to witness the impressive legacy of the Italian Renaissance.

Did we miss anything you’d like to know before you visit the Florence Cathedral? Let us know in the comments!

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