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Hotels in Svalbard: Longyearbyen Accommodation for All Budgets

Cabin in Svalbard shutterstock_1743180713

This is a guide to the best hotels in Svalbard and will cover the most credible Longyearbyen hotels for all types of travelers. This list is mostly pretty conclusive of most Svalbard hotels, but if there are other recommendations you have, please leave them in the comments! Where to Stay in Svalbard – Overview If I was […]

Best Hotels in Monopoli, Italy: Monopoli Accommodation for All Budgets

Best Hotels in Monopoli, Italy: Monopoli Accommodation for All Budgets

This is a guide to the best hotels in Monopoli, Italy and this Monopoli accommodation guide covers all budgets and types of travelers! Keep reading! If you have suggestions for where to stay in Monopoli, please drop them in the comments! Best Hotels In Monopoli, Italy: Monopoli Accommodation There are places in this world that […]

Best Bishkek Hotels and Hostels for All Budgets and Travelers

Where to stay in Bishkek- Best Bishkek hotels and hostels for all budgets and travelers

If you’re heading out to Central Asia, one thing you will want to make sure you have in order ahead of time or when you’re on the road with good wifi is proper and good accommodation. This Bishkek hotels guide will give you our top picks of hostels in Bishkek for the budget travelers and […]

Best Hotels in Funchal, Madeira: Options for All Budgets

Places to stay in Madeira: Madeira hotels, hostels, and guesthouses

One of my favorite trips was to Madeira, a gorgeous island in the Atlantic.  There are so many cool options for where to stay in Funchal, but these are the best hotels in Funchal that I think you should consider booking for your trip.   This is a Funchal accommodation guide, giving options for all budgets […]

Best Bergamo Accommodation: Where to Stay in Bergamo, Italy

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Bergamo is one of Italy’s most beautiful and underrated cities and this guide tells you where to stay in Bergamo to make your trip even better! Is your favorite place missing from this Bergamo accommodation guide? Let us know your favorite Bergamo hotels in the comments! Best Bergamo Accommodation: Where to Stay in Bergamo, Italy […]

Camping in the Faroe Islands: Helpful Tips for Your Trip

Camping in the Faroe Islands 2

One of the best experiences an outdoor enthusiast can have when traveling to the Faroe Islands is a camping adventure. This post tells you fourteen useful things to know before you go camping in the Faroe Islands. It will detail the rules, what to bring, and whether or not one is permitted to wild camp […]