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Best Time To Visit Svalbard: Month-by-Month Guide (2024)

When is the best time to visit Svalbard? Read on for more!

I have been to Svalbard four times over the years, and one thing I can say about the archipelago is that each season and month brings noticeable change. This guide will dive into the three seasons in Svalbard: summer, winter, and sunny winter (spring). I will break down each month and what there is to […]

30 Things to Know Before Visiting Bergen, Norway (in 2024!)

Bergen travel tips - what to know before you visit Bergen

There are several important things to know before you visit Bergen, Norway. This guide contains many of them from my time living there and visiting Bergen over the years (after I moved away)! The guide will contain all the useful tips and recommendations I have for traveling to Bergen, the gateway to the fjords! These […]

24 Best Things to Do in Bergen, Norway (2024 Guide + Map!)

Bryggen - one of the main landmarks in Bergen

Norway’s rainy, west coast capital is an incredible place. And it is mind-blowingly beautiful. This is a guide to the best things to do in Bergen, Norway, from culture to food to history (and more)! When I first moved to Norway, I struggled to adjust because of the rain in Bergen. I eventually moved to Oslo. […]

Is the Mostraumen Fjord Tour from Bergen Worth It? (2024)

The sun popped out for a few minutes of the trip!

If you’re traveling to Bergen and are looking for a nice introduction to the fjords, look no further than this Mostraumen fjord tour! This guide details how to book a Mostraumen fjord cruise, what to expect on board, and a few other travel tips that I think will help you prepare for your journey! I […]

30 Travel Tips for Visiting the Lofoten Islands (in 2024!)

Things to know before your visit Lofoten Islands-16

The Lofoten Islands in northern Norway are one of the most epic places on the planet. This is a guide to everything you need to know before you visit the Lofoten Islands. These Lofoten travel tips will give you all of my tricks, as well as some practical information to help you plan your trip […]

5 Best Rorbuer in Lofoten (and Why You Should Stay in One!)

The Lofoten Islands are associated with some of the world’s best scenery. And, more often than not, images of beautiful, overwater fisherman cabins (rorbuer) come to mind.  This post details the best rorbuer in Lofoten and why you should definitely stay in one during your trip to the Lofoten Islands. Before my first travels to […]