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26 Things I Learned About Norwegian People After Living in Norway

I spent a bit over four years living in the wonderful country of Norway. One of the most difficult adjustments to living in Norway was getting used to Norwegian people – their habits, beliefs, and everyday lifestyle. This post details everything I learned about Norwegian women and men from my years living there.  26 Things […]

Adventfjorden, Glaciers, and Polar Bears – The Best Things About Svalbard

Adventfjorden, Glaciers, and Polar Bears - The Best Things About Svalbard

One of the coldest and remotest places on earth, Svalbard is a land of ice and rock. Despite this, it’s also one of the most hauntingly beautiful places you’ll ever visit. Thanks to its incredible wildlife and unique landscape, Svalbard is now becoming one of the most popular Arctic destinations available. Within easy reach of […]

My Experience on a Hurtigruten Cruise in Norway (and How You Can Go on One Too!)

I had just arrived in Norway.  In between seeing bleached out messes on Paradise Hotel on Norwegian television and the constant running of news, I would sometimes skim through channels to see a large cruise ship slowly drifting its way down a narrow fjord.  I remember frequently asking myself how someone could be so harebrained […]

Svolvær and the Lofoten Islands, Norway: 10 Things That Surprised Me

I am still on a high from my recent trip to northern Norway.  The scenery, people, traditions, and wildlife has completely left me speechless.  I lived in Norway for four years, as most of you know, but I never did make it up to the north with the exception of Svalbard.  While I had a […]

What to Know Before Hiking in Jotunheimen (Tips + Trails)

Summer scenery in Jotunheimen national park in Norway

Are you planning a trip to go hiking in Jotunheimen National Park in Norway? This guide gives you all the tips (from a Norwegian!) and things to consider before you go! Jotunheim National Park Hiking Guide The magic of wild nature, mighty mountain ranges, remote lakes, and raging weather has been a part of Norwegian […]