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Bugøynes Travel Guide: What to Do in Norway’s ‘Little Finland’

Bugøynes travel guide: Things to do and more!

I have visited hundreds (maybe thousands) of places in Norway over the years, but one that I just can’t get my mind off of is Bugøynes, a small village on the Varanger Fjord. This beautiful village, also known as ‘Little Finland’ (I explain more below) has to be one of the most idyllic places to […]

10 Tasty Longyearbyen Restaurants and Cafes (2024 Guide)

Inside Gruvelageret for dinner

Are you traveling to Svalbard and are curious about where to eat in Longyearbyen? This guide contains the best Longyearbyen restaurants (and a few tasty cafes)! Svalbard has extremely good food. I am still blown away by the fact that I can name at least ten delicious places to eat in a town that has […]

5 Best Tours for Whale Watching in Tromso (2023-2024)

Whale watching in Norway

Are you looking to go whale watching in Tromso on your upcoming trip? These are the top whale watching tours in Tromso, including how to book (and answering all your questions)! Not all Tromso whale watching tours are created equal… so choose your tour in Norway wisely! We have created this guide to encourage you […]

8 Best Tromso Northern Lights Tours + Tips (2023-2024)

the BEST tromso northern lights tours in norway

One of the most popular things to do in Arctic Norway is to take a Tromso northern lights tour. This guide tells you exactly how to do so! Below, we will detail why you should take a northern lights tour in Tromso, how to photograph the northern lights in Norway, and the best aurora tours […]

25 Useful Things to Know Before You Visit Tromso, Norway

Things to know before you travel to Tromso

There are several things I recommend travelers know before they visit Tromso, Norway. This guide is a conclusive list of my Tromso travel tips – and it covers all seasons as I have visited multiple times! This is a guide to all the useful tips and recommendations I have for those traveling to Tromso, Norway’s […]