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14 Places to Visit in Norway in Winter (That Aren’t Tromso!)

Best places to visit in Norway in winter - Lofoten

Are you considering booking a trip to Norway in winter? There are many amazing places to visit in Norway in winter but for some reason, everyone picks Tromso. I get it, Tromso is awesome.  I’ve traveled to Tromso in winter (and in summer).  But, you can have the ‘Tromso’ experience in other destinations in Norway […]

Best Svalbard Tours: 12 Excursions That Are Worth Your Money

Things to know before visiting Svalbard and Longyearbyen

One of the most challenging things about traveling to Svalbard is knowing which tours and excursions are worth the money they charge. To help you out, these are the best Svalbard tours (worth your money)! This is my list of the best tours in Svalbard and excursions that are good value for their money… and […]

6 Reasons to Visit Stabbursdalen National Park in Northern Norway

Stabbursdalen National Park in Norway from Honningsvåg and the North Cape-7

Norway is a country where everyone flocks to the same places and regions and kind of forgets about the rest of the country.  Stabbursdalen National Park in the far north of Norway is one of these forgotten places.  But, it absolutely shouldn’t be!  This post showcases 6 really awesome reasons to visit Stabbursdalen National Park, […]

Visiting Saltstraumen Maelstrom from Bodø: Tips + What to Expect

Visiting Saltstraumen Maelstrom from Bodø: Tips + What to Expect

One of the most awe-inspiring places Megan and I have ever visited was Saltstraumen near Bodø, Norway.  Saltstraumen maelstrom is the world’s largest whirlpool. This is a guide for those visiting Saltstraumen and will include practical tips, how to visit from Bodø, Saltstraumen tours, and many facts about this remarkable place. Visiting Saltstraumen Maelstrom from […]