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Svalbard Snowmobile Tours: How to Book + Expectations

Svalbard Snowmobile Tours: What to Expect + How to Book

When planning a journey to Svalbard, one of the best things you can do there is to rent a snowmobile! Due to strict laws, the easiest way to do this is to take one of the Svalbard snowmobile tours that are pre-organized. This guide will detail the best snowmobile tours in Svalbard, plus how to book them, what to expect, and […]

Zion National Park in Winter: Things to Do, Hikes, & Tips

Winter in Zion National Park

There is truly something magical about Zion National Park in winter. It offers a feeling of anonymity and connection with nature that very few places in the US offer these days! Winter in Zion National Park may not be for everybody; it depends on your reasons for visiting Zion.  If you plan properly, you will […]

Kunoy, Faroe Islands: Home of the Famous Faroese Forest

Kunoy, Faroe Islands: Home of the Famous Faroese Forest

Eighteen stunning islands make up the Faroe Islands. Kunoy is a sparsely populated island that is in the north and situated close to Bordoy and Kalsoy. This is a Kunoy travel guide with practical information about the island as well as reasons why you should visit. Kunoy Travel Guide I didn’t make it to Kunoy […]

12 Cool and Delicious Things to Do in Henningsvær, Norway

henningsvaer football pitch lofoten islands

The Lofoten Islands are full of some of Norway’s most charming and colorful fishing villages. But, none are truly as charming as Henningsvær, a village of just over 500 people that sits on an island amongst several other small islands.  This is a guide to things to do in Henningsvær, Norway including places to stay, […]