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12 Otherworldly and Epic Things to Do in Svalbard in Winter

12 Otherworldly and Epic Things to Do in Svalbard in Winter

Have you ever considered spending your winter at the top of the world?  Many people are frightened to think about visiting Svalbard in winter but I reckon you should go!  This guide will give you reasons why you should go to Svalbard during winter and what to do when you arrive there. Should You Go […]

35 Things to Do in Bergen, Norway – Culture, Food, and Nature!

things to do in bergen norway fish market at harbor

Not many of you know this, but I used to live in Bergen, Norway. I spent a year there back at the beginning of this decade (gosh that feels like forever ago) and I have been there several times since. Norway’s rainy, west coast capital is an incredible place. And it is mind-blowingly beautiful. This […]

Ultimate Lofoten Winter Guide: What to Do in Lofoten in Winter

There are so many fantastic places to visit in Norway during winter.  Our absolute favorite is the Lofoten Islands and this guide will explain exactly why.  This is a guide of 15 amazing things there are to do in Lofoten in winter.  It includes the northern lights, adventurous activities, and more.  We hope it encourages […]

Zion National Park in Winter: Things to Do, Hikes, & Tips

Winter in Zion National Park

There is truly something magical about Zion National Park in winter.  It offers a feeling of anonymity and connection with nature that very few places in the US offer these days. Winter in Zion National Park may not be for everybody depending on your reasons for visiting Zion.  But, if you plan your trip well, […]

9 Best Hikes in Joshua Tree for All Levels (+ Map and Tips)

Best hikes in Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park is one of the rarest destinations in the United States. Its otherworldly landscapes will leave visitors puzzled and mesmerized at the same time. This is a guide to the best hikes in Joshua Tree National Park. Hiking in Joshua Tree is one of the best activities and it truly is one […]

9 Best Hikes in Saguaro National Park for All Levels

Hiking in Saguaro National Park

Saguaro National Park is a dream destination for those that want to feel humbled by the environment and have an obsession with all things desert (that’s me!). While the park is hot and relatively unmanageable during the summers, it is a great place to take advantage of the many hikes in Saguaro National Park in […]