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9 Mistakes Even Pros Make With Their Cameras

Just because you’ve taken hundreds of photographs doesn’t mean you have years of experience. In fact, many professional photographers still make some of the same mistakes after so many years. Why? Why do professional photographers still make the same mistakes after so many years in the game? It’s simple, they just don’t know better. They […]

Faroe Islands Photography Guide: The Best Spots on Each Island

Gjogv on Eysturoy at dusk - Visit Faroe Islands: A Guide to the Best Views and Photography Spots

There are eighteen islands in the Faroe Islands and they all contain jaw-dropping scenery.  Before you visit the Faroe Islands, you should definitely do your research so you can see as many of the gorgeous spots as possible.  This is a travel guide to the best views and places for Faroe Islands photography. Faroe Islands […]

How to Find and Hire a Photographer While Traveling

Whether taking a romantic getaway with your significant other or visiting strange and distant lands to learn more about the world (and yourself), traveling offers us the opportunity to create new and exotic memories. As any seasoned traveler knows, one of the joys of visiting a new destination is living in the moment without worrying […]

9 Useful Tips for Flying a Drone in Bad Weather

Flying a drone in snow

As the outdoor temperatures are getting colder, we receive more questions about flying a drone in bad weather, and even more extreme weather conditions. This triggered us to list some tips and answer the most frequently asked questions. Especially because we often are toting our drone to countries like the Faroe Islands, Norway, and other […]

How to Take Photos and Videos in the Desert When Traveling

Taking videos in the desert

Shooting deserts and sand-hills seems to be something unreal for photography and video enthusiasts. However, you never know when you will find yourself in the real desert; there are many deserted places around the world. And if you want to make beautiful and stunning shots, then sand-hills will provide you with lots of creative opportunities. […]