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Kunoy, Faroe Islands: Home of the Famous Faroese Forest

Kunoy, Faroe Islands: Home of the Famous Faroese Forest

There are eighteen stunning islands that make up the Faroe Islands.  Kunoy is a sparsely populated island that is in the north and situated close to Bordoy and Kalsoy. This is a Kunoy travel guide with practical information about the island, as well as reasons why you should visit.  Kunoy Travel Guide I didn’t make […]

Kirkjubøur, Faroe Islands: Experience History on Streymoy

Kirkjubour Faroe Islands travel guide

One place that you simply can’t leave off of your Faroe Islands itinerary is the historic village of Kirkjubøur on the island of Streymoy. This gorgeous spot in the Faroes holds the key to the islands’ history and it is as beautiful as it is fascinating. Traveling to Kirkjubøur – A Practical Guide My initial […]

Faroe Islands Photography Guide: The Best Spots on Each Island

Gjogv on Eysturoy at dusk - Visit Faroe Islands: A Guide to the Best Views and Photography Spots

There are eighteen islands in the Faroe Islands and they all contain jaw-dropping scenery.  Before you visit the Faroe Islands, you should definitely do your research so you can see as many of the gorgeous spots as possible.  This is a travel guide to the best views and places for Faroe Islands photography. Faroe Islands […]