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Best Coffee in Almaty, Kazakhstan: Almaty Cafes You’ll Love

Are you looking for the best coffee in Almaty? This guide has some of the best Almaty cafes to put on your itinerary! When I traveled to Almaty back in the day on my 2013-2014 trip, good coffee was limited.  It was nearly non-existent.  What I have learned about the Kazakh culture capital is that […]

Karaganda, Kazakhstan: Doing Nothing in a Fascinating City

Have you ever passed through a place on your travels and left not really knowing too much more about the city than you did prior to visiting?  As most travelers do a little research prior to taking off somewhere, I’m guilty of not making such efforts. I may research the first location a little, but […]

My Top 17 Favorite Things to Do in Astana, Kazakhstan (Nur-Sultan)

baiterek at sunset in astana kazahstan

Believe it or not, I traveled back to Astana, Kazakhstan.  I said it would never happen after my last trip there and I was pretty insistent on that for years.  But times changed, I grew up, and I came to realize that there were probably things to do in Astana these days that didn’t exist […]

Hiking to Butakovskiy Waterfall in Almaty: Kazakhstan Nature at its Finest

Hiking to Butakovskiy Waterfall in Almaty: Kazakhstan Nature at its Finest and a Day Trip from Almaty mountain

I arrived back in Almaty, Kazakhstan in early May for two months with the mindset that I was going to work, work, work and travel around Central Asia very little..  The trip I had planned with a friend for journalists and photographers out to the western part of Kazakhstan had fallen through at the hands […]