Megan Starr blog

I’m Megan and welcome to my little space here on the web!  I assume that you’ve probably found my site by searching for information about Norway or an obscure location that I’ve traveled to and written about.  Either way, thanks for stopping by and I hope that you say hello!  Feel free to send me a message or contact me here.


I’ve been traveling longer than I have been able to spell my own name.  I’ve lived in various places across the United States (although I refer to Virginia as home), in two places in Norway, and have finally settled in Frankfurt, Germany…  a city in a country that I called home as a child.  My story doesn’t start when I turned 18 and needed freedom so I decided to save and book a one-way ticket to the other side of the world.  As a child, I wanted to be an airport manager.  I won my school’s geography bee (yes, this is a real thing and only map nerds like myself would understand).  I used to sit at the library and read books about Iceland and the Faroe Islands, and other destinations I desired to travel to one day.  I also wrote stories about different places around the world.  I spent my childhood playing sports.  Travel basketball most notably.  And my favorite thing about it was actually spending my weekends and summers in various locations… not the sport itself.  Many years later, things haven’t changed much.