I’m Megan and welcome to my little space here on the web! I assume that you’ve probably found my site by searching for information about Norway or an obscure location that I’ve traveled to and written about. Either way, thanks for stopping by and hope you say hello!

I’ve been traveling longer than I have been able to spell my own name. I’ve lived in various places across the United States (although I refer to Virginia as home), in two places in Norway, and have finally settled in Frankfurt, Germany…  a city in a country that I called home as a child. My story doesn’t start when I turned 18 and needed freedom so I decided to save and book a one way ticket to the other side of the world. As a kid I wanted to be an airport manager. I won my school’s geography bee (yes, this is a real thing and only map nerds like myself would understand). I used to sit at the library and read books about Iceland, and other destinations I desired to travel to one day.  I also wrote stories about different places around the world.


I spent my childhood playing sports. Travel basketball most notably. And my favorite thing about it was actually spending my weekends and summers in various locations… not the sport itself. Many years later, things haven’t changed much.

While I’m a firm believer that travel is not for everyone, I do know that it is for me. In some way, shape, or form. I’ll never be that backpacker who sits in Chiang Mai for six months scraping pennies. While I sometimes travel on a budget, I sometimes don’t. Therefore, I can’t offer someone budget tips to Warsaw as I’ve only stayed in 5-star hotels there. On the contrary, I can’t offer someone a luxury itinerary to Sarajevo as I have only stayed in hostel dorms there.

I write about what I know. I don’t make lists about music festivals to see around the world that I’ve never attended myself. And I certainly don’t write about places that don’t inspire me. I write about places that remind me why I love traveling. Or places that I know lack information out there and I feel it may be of benefit to fellow travelers.

I’m a crappy photographer and my grammar sucks. My spelling is alright thanks to spellcheck. But if you can look beyond the many grammatical errors and my camera skills, I hope you can find information on my site that will help or inspire your future travels!

Now for a few random facts………

1) My hometown is Richmond, Virginia. My parents still live there, but my sisters are both in Pennsylvania. I was born in Ohio, however.

2) Which makes me a huge Ohio State fan. I also love the Pittsburgh Steelers. I love all sports and will often find games and matches to watch on my travels, regardless of what the sport is.  I even take photos with my Terrible Towel in random locations (this being Longyearbyen, Svalbard in the Arctic).


3) I love craft beer. Perhaps a little too much. I have an addiction to Untappd. You can be my friend on there if you’re a beer fanatic too.

4) My dog is my best friend. His name is Jax and he sometimes makes an appearance on the blog or Instagram.


5) I love hiking and all things outdoors. Whenever I’m having a stressful week, I get myself out in nature over the weekend and all is better.


6) I have been a pescatarian for the greater portion of my adult life, but resorted to eating meat on a regular basis in 2014 because of its convenience on many of my travels. Meat, combined with copious amounts of beer, has resulted in a significant weight gain (my body doesn’t handle or digest meat very well). I am using 2015 to get back into my old habits, although I will still consume meat sparingly. I love holistic nutrition and eating consciously and look forward to getting back on track. This hopefully means refraining from drinking Sugarfree Red Bulls.

7) My favorite cuisine is Indian. I prefer cuisines from the south of the country. I love nothing more than to cook them at home these days.

8) I am claustrophobic and hate being in crowded or enclosed spaces. My idea of hell is being crammed on a subway with no air-conditioning.

9) I have an obsession with Soviet history and architecture. I have even taken online courses on some of it. Would love to implement it on my blog one of these days.

10) I prefer cold to hot. I prefer the Arctic to the tropics. With that being said, I have never put my foot inside of skis. And to think I lived in Norway for three and a half years!


11) I take photos in front of, or with, really random and stupid things.  Tallinn, Estonia is a goldmine for props (as seen below).


Thanks for stopping by! And if you have any more questions, please send me a message here! I will do my best to answer in a timely manner!

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**I do not receive any compensation for this blog and will not do sponsorships, no matter the form.  All reviews and posts are 100% authentic and showcase my opinion.  If I work or partner with someone else, it is solely for the benefit of my readers and in no way did I receive any compensation, free accommodation, etc.  A partnership would result in information sharing that would benefit travelers looking to head to the same location.  I have also held jobs within the travel industry that are irrelevant to this blog that have resulted in several partnerships.  Thanks!