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How to Easily Visit Triberg Waterfall in Germany (+ Tips!)

The highest waterfall in Germany in Triberg in the Black Forest

Germany isn’t quite known for having waterfalls ubiquitously dotting its landscape, but they really do exist!  Last summer, I had the chance to visit Germany’s highest waterfall- the Triberg Waterfall (or Triberg Wasserfall) inside of the densely mysterious Black Forest, a place known for its Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks and haunting forests. How to Easily […]

Where to Find Amazing Craft Beer in Hamburg, Germany

When I first moved to Germany in 2014, very few cities in the beer-savvy nation were fluent in the language of craft beer.  A country renowned and praised for its Reinheitsgebot was also a country where little development took place in the craft beer world and many young and exuberant brewers were plagued by a law […]

Craft Beer Guide to Frankfurt, Germany

Die Bierothek in Frankfurt, Germany

This craft beer guide to Frankfurt was first published in 2016 but is up-to-date as of December 2018. I have spent a decent portion of my life living or traveling within Germany.  It wasn’t until recently that Frankfurt even had a craft beer scene worth mentioning.  To be honest, I find most German beer tasting […]

Things to do in Dresden Neustadt: So Good I Had to Visit Twice in Two Weeks

I’ll admit it… Dresden is the first city that I ventured to solely for its Altstadt, or Old Town.  I rarely connect with Old Towns, but photos of Dresden’s just left me mesmerized.  For me, I visit different cities for different reasons.  I go to Dusseldorf for its Japanese food.  I visit Cologne for its […]