Gyor, Hungary – The Charm in Visiting a Place You Know Nothing About

Szechenyi Square in Gyor, Hungary

For years, I have compared Vienna, Prague, and Budapest to the Bermuda Triangle.  The three cities suck people in, and the people never see anything outside of Prague’s resplendent castles, Vienna’s spellbinding architecture, and Budapest’s incredible restaurant scene (and shameless nightlife).  A city break to Budapest, Prague, or Vienna is completely understandable as all three are some […]

10 Amazing & Delicious Reasons to Visit Lisbon, Portugal

10 Awesome Reasons to Visit Lisbon, Portugal

Is Lisbon on your list?  This guest post from Marco Santos details some of the most amazing (and delicious!) reasons you need to visit Lisbon, Portugal as soon as you can!  It talks about the killer views, tasty food, and more! In this post…10 Amazing & Delicious Reasons to Visit Lisbon, PortugalLisbon Views are To-Die-For!Lisbon […]

Traveling During the Coronavirus: Should You Take the Risk?

Unless you’ve been stranded on an island during the past few months, you’ve probably heard of the coronavirus fear that’s been sweeping the nation. People are afraid to travel, and because of this, plane ticket prices are quite low.  While some people are afraid to travel, other people like those on a budget, want to […]