Ultimate Study Guide to Pass Microsoft 70-483 Certification Exam with Reliable Web Resource ExamSnap

Studying can be both fulfilling and exhausting. It can even get intimidating, especially if you prepare for a certification exam offered by a rather highly recognized technology organization like Microsoft.

Whilst information technology largely focuses on network and security, there are other fields that are worth to venture. If you want to learn more about in-depth IT features, then diving into the world of programming and coding is definitely something to consider. Companies also depend on programmers to keep their business on top of the game. With such importance in every organization, getting an internationally acclaimed certification is valuable.

And since Microsoft certifications are one of the most in-demand credentials of the present time, then building your MCSA: Web Application certification path through 70-483 exam is a great choice. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to finish off your preparation in a positive note and ace the exam in one take www.examsnap.com.

Know what 70-483 exam is all about

Let’s begin your preparation journey by knowing the certification exam. Microsoft 70-483 is all about programming in C#, which is an object-oriented programming language for Web application development and Microsoft’s .NET framework. Designed to improve productivity among developers, this was developed to compete with the other notable language – Java. Seemingly, it has become a great rival because of its modern, well-designed and type-safe language. So, if you want to polish your skills in developing applications on the Microsoft platform, including creating games via Unity Game, then there’s an utmost need for you to learn C#.

Gear yourself with a valuable programming background

Fresh graduates or students who are at least 18 years old are given the opportunity to take the exam. However, whilst there is no eligibility work requirement, this kind of certification exam is suitable for those who have knowledge and experience in programming. It is because those with a background in C# programming can easily decipher the topics and prepare for the exam. Further, it will not be that difficult when you outline the objectives and get on with the training if you already have a programming background.

Start with a study plan

So, if you think you are fit for this certification exam and you want to further pursue this type of programming, then you’re good to create your own study plan. Begin by knowing the objectives of the exam, which are divided into 4 equally important topics – managing program flow; creating and operating user types; debugging and securing applications; and applying data access. All these subjects are vital, not just in your exam preparation but also in the practical application. Thus, be sure to touch and fully understand all these topics. All the objectives and topics can be found in the study guide for 70-483 exam. To get such, you can visit ExamSnap website – the most popular online platform among the exam takers, that offers a wide collection of prep materials for all tastes.


Prepare your theoretical knowledge

After knowing the topics, start furnishing yourself with imperative theoretical knowledge through physical study materials – books. For some, they may consider books to be an out-dated source of information. But the value of books echo for many years, decades, or even centuries. Having a tangible reference is a vital option, in case technology fails. Get your hands on two of the most imperative books about C# programming – Exam Ref 70-483: Programming in C# by Wouter de Kort (July 2013) and Exam Ref 70-483: Programming in C# by Rob Miles (April 2018). Both are designed to provide candidates with real-world understanding and skills by highlighting critical facts and strategic scenarios. These books are available at the Microsoft Press Store.

Enroll in instructor-led training

Now that you are fortified with the fundamentals, enrolling in Microsoft’s training courses are the best way to confirm your knowledge – either the on-demand training or classroom training. These two training courses feature Microsoft official training content through comprehensive training and hands-on lab. During these courses, you’ll gain valuable information from experienced teachers who understand the objectives very well.

Along with the vendor’s training courses, you can take additional ones from ExamSnap website as well. They are led by IT experts as well and will provide you with additional information on the exam which you won’t find in any book. Thus, training courses offered by ExamSnap are worth taking.

In comparison, the on-demand training is ideal for those who want to study on their own schedule, without a physical classroom location and schedule. For as long as you have an internet connection, there’s no stopping you to study and learn. The classroom training, on the other hand, is perfect for those who want to learn in a live setting, with time commitment because this course is up to 5 days only.

Practice your programming skills

There are heaps of ways to measure your technical skills, but the most significant one is by taking lots of practice tests and indulging yourself into lab exams. Learning how to develop web applications on the C# language and .NET platforms is something that you need to put into test. For the convenience of every candidate, Microsoft offers its official practice test for 70-483. Aside from answering different practice tests, you can also try braindumps, which are ideal to be used after equipping yourself with all the needed information and skills. Among one of the websites that offer the latest and updated braindumps is ExamSnap. Here along with getting a hint of the possible real questions and answers, you’ll find a precious collection of video courses that will assist you in passing 70-483 exam as well.

Have an idea of the exam type and format

Microsoft 70-483 is a computer-based exam, which is composed of around 50 to 60 multiple choice questions. All questions must be completed within 2 hours, though this may vary at times. To pass the exam, you need to get at least 700 out of 1000. If you pass the exam at one take, then great on you! But if the odds are not at your favor on your first take, don’t worry because you can still retake the exam by paying the fee again. The exam is approximately priced at $165 but is different for other countries.


Because of the on-going demand of C# language, many IT professionals are ultimately harnessing their skills in this high-level and flexible language. Accordingly, C# is now considered as one of the most popular programming languages in the world of information technology.

To pass 70-483 exam, use all the materials you can find on Microsoft, ExamSnaps websites and others, but make sure that they are the most valid and updated ones.

And, after all the intensive training and preparation, it’s time to register for Microsoft 70-483 exam and get that coveted certification exam in just one take!

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