The Ultimate Guide for Fun Activities in Norway

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Arguably, Norwegians are known for their acceptance of both new concepts and conventional cultures. You will find both natural attractions and cultural venues spread all over the country. Norway offers a vibrant vibe from its capital city to the picturesque gorges and snowy mountains. 

The sun spreads its light for days on end in some months of the year. This explains why Norway is the Land of the Midnight Sun. Norway is among the few places you can see the northern lights which are among the most special natural light shows on the planet.

If you are traveling to Norway, you can expect spectacular facilities including reliable public transport options. Generally, the country has a low crime rate and is an ideal destination for travelers looking to explore various places. 

Besides its fascinating history, there are a ton of fun activities to enjoy such as glaciers and museums. You could learn a lot about the Viking culture and the modern aspects of the country. Below are some of the top activities you should try out in Norway.

Dog Sledding

For the longest time, travelers have always picked husky safaris as one of their first activities during winter in Norway. Unknown to some people, this activity is available during the summer as well.

In the summertime, you’ll use wheels instead of a husky wagon. During the day and evenings, you will find different dogs on the sledding trips. After your adventure, you can enjoy a hot meal served in a conventional setup.

In Kirkenes, the dogs can travel along the fjord for five kilometers. Also, you could opt for a dog sledding activity in Breivikeidet.

Alternatively, you could choose the combination tour of Ice Domes, Dog Sledding, and a Reindeer Visit in Tromso. There is also a Husky Evening Tour and a Husky Morning Tour.

Dog sledding Norway

If you want to take things up a notch, you can participate in a dog sledding race. Norway has hosted two international sled dog races including the Finnmark and Femund. You can place your bet on a musher and try your luck. Find out more about Norway gambling and casino at Casino Spesialisten

Tour with a Snowmobile

Many Nordic countries have used the snowmobile as a transportation method for several years. At first, the Sami used it when herding reindeers.

After a while, others began using it for transportation and travel. A snowmobile works fine without roads, vast areas filled with snow are ideal. It provides incredible flexibility for those living in remote regions.

You could take a snowmobile either as a passenger or driver provided you are a licensed driver above 18 years. Tromsø offers snowmobile tours during the daytime and evening while Kirkenes allows you to enjoy the arctic scenery on a snowmobile safari.

Kirkenes also offers a snowmobile expedition across the Russian border.

See the Northern Lights 

The aurora borealis, also known as the northern lights, have been a fascinating aspect for most Norway travelers. Kristian Birkeland, a visionary Norwegian scientist, was incredibly fascinated by the phenomenon. 

Norse myths suggested that these lights reflected the armor and weapons used by the Valkyries. The myth went on to suggest that the weapons and armor cast a unique flickering light in the land. Travelers enjoy the aurora hunting experience they get whenever they visit Norway.

When the sky is dark, you can see the vibrant northern lights dance. They possess beautiful shades of violet, pink, and green. If you would like to see these lights, it would be best to travel between October and March.

This is because there is less daylight and the darkness goes on for longer hours during winter. Longer nights give you a better chance of experiencing this phenomenon.

Travel Over the Geirangerfjord Region

Not only is Geirangerfjord an International Heritage Site for UNESCO but it is also a part of the great Fjord Norway Network.

Geirangerfjord extends across several miles although some of the most notable are the Northern Alesund, popular for the icy scenery. Other spots worth visiting include Sunnylvsfjord known for its countryside vistas.

If you are looking to scale the peaks, you could climb the Dalsnibba summit which is as high as 4905 feet. Among the best ways to ensure you do not miss anything would be to plan ahead and book a tour.

Visit the Arctic-Alpine Botanical Garden

The Botaniske Hage is a Norwegian botanical garden that spreads across 2 hectares in the Arctic Circle. You will discover the various plant species, most of which are arctic or alpine kinds. They are hardy given the freezing conditions in the area.

A few of the highlights include Siberian lilies, Arctic poppies, and different herbs and mosses that can be found between the rocks in the botanical garden.

You will also find fauna, flora, meandering pathways, waterfalls, and ponds that allow you to discover every geographical part of the garden.

Tour the Mount Floyen

Mount Floyen has a 399-meter summit that offers a perfect view of the city. It also has some of the best vistas in Bergen. A funicular railway is available for those who want a view of Bergen without climbing the mountain. It takes eight minutes to get to the top and you can see the fjords during your trip.

off the path scandinavia floyen bergen norway

There is a lookout region close to the Mount Floyen summit. If you do not wish to use the funicular railway or hike to the summit, you could mountain bike on the adjacent trails. You can taste the local food and watch the traditional music recitals at the Floyen Folk Restaurant.

Visit the Royal Palace

The Oslo Royal Palace was built for residential purposes for King Charles III at the start of the 19th century. Today, it is the residence of Queen Sonja and King Harald V. During summer, you can take a tour of the palace and see some of the rooms such as the Bird Room.

This particular room has more than 40 bird species on display. You can see the crystal chandeliers in the Great Hall and the Mirror Hall. Ensure you get a glimpse of the daily ceremony for the King’s Guards at 1:30 pm.

The Takeaway

Norway has a lot to offer including vast arctic sceneries, wildlife, fjords, mountains, northern lights, among others. Whether you are planning a vacation during summer or winter, you can have a fun-filled experience.

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