Tubes are for More than Just Toothpaste in Norway

I had my first encounter with a ‘tube’ here in Norway last year.  Pretty safe to say, my perception on ways to eat and package foods has been forever changed.

The tube in Norway packages more than just toothpaste.  It packages food.  Pretty disgusting right?  Well, hear me out…

Tubes of cheese and meats in Norway
Bacon Ost= bacon cheese
Reker Ost= shrimp cheese
Skinke Ost= ham cheese

At first when I tasted tubed food and toppings, I was very hesitant as I took my first bite.  This stuff couldn’t possibly be of good taste.  Caviar in a tube????  Mackerel in a tube??  Ok yea…the mackerel is pretty disgusting to be honest.  But the caviar is not.

Tubed mackerel and tomatoes in Norway

The reason I love this idea is because it is convenient.  I never was a mayonnaise eater back in the US until about a year and a half ago.  I don’t know what compelled me to begin eating it, but I became hooked quite quickly.  But on the contrary, I hated soggy bread.  So, when I would take a sandwich to work for lunch (let’s not kid ourselves…occasions were rare since it was just as cheap for me to go next door and grab Mexican food), I made it sans mayo.  Well… had the US known about the wonderful thing that is ‘tubed food’, I could have conveniently brought a tube to work and put it in the fridge and wouldn’t need a knife or anything else.  It would have been magical and the ultimate form of convenience.  Currently in Norway, I find them most convenient when hiking or traveling with a cooler.

Hiking essentials in Norway

I haven’t tried all the different types of tubed food or sandwich toppings, and I probably won’t like all of them…but it is still nice to know they are sitting in the grocery store waiting on me to give them a shot.  Especially the Jalapeno Ost (jalapeno cheese).

Tubed caviar and others in Norway
Tubed mayonnaise in Norway
More tubes of food in Norway

Would you ever eat a food or sandwich topping that came from a tube??

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Comments (33)

This is very interesting!! The only foods that I would ever eat from a tube are the ones that are naturally a consistency to be “tubed”.

SO WEIRD! I don’t know if I could eat any of those!

Hmmm interesting! I’d probably give it a whirl! The US has kinda made it obsolete but I’m sure it’s not as bad as I think. Also, if you know who iJustine is- she’s doing a meet-up tomorrow in Norway! She post the video on her YouTube and Facebook, if you’re bored, it could be fun! If not then nevermind, haha. Either way her video is funny, she’s walking thru town and wants to go in a store but her companiOns are telling her how expensive it us in Norway.

Oh no! I too had the tube incounter here in Germany, grossed out then, still grossed out after 6months!!! It honestly is making me gag thinking about it!! haha

Haha, so true! I love the tomato paste out of the tube, so good. One that actually doesn’t gross me out. Now the sardine paste, while nasty on its own, makes a great Caesar. Oh Europe, you are so funny!

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