Travelling With Your E-cig by Air, Sea, and Land

By Air

Flying is the fastest way to get where you’re going, as well as the most restrictive. Vaping onboard is banned. Don’t even hope for any pampering!

Most airports prohibit the use of e-cigarettes within the terminal. Vapers are required to go into the smoking areas. Ask the security personnel about the regulations.

Can you bring your vape mod kits from Vapingdaily with you? Check with your airlines prior to your flight date if it is allowed onboard to avoid confusion and hassle later.

Many airlines still don’t prohibit the passengers to travel with their vape mods. But there are common requirements for storing them:

-Pack your e-cig in your carry-on luggage.

-Lithium batteries are also prohibited in checked baggage. It is a good idea to buy a battery case to make sure that they are isolated and won’t start a fire.

-If you can take e-liquid, store it in the containers with a maximum content of 100 ml. Place these items in the plastic bag with your other liquids.

If you’re traveling between countries, it is highly advisable to read up on the legal status of e-cigs in abroad. There are different laws for “importing” vape gear in your luggage, buying vape products in the country, and the actual vaping.

By Sea

Smoking on cruise ships has been a hot-button issue for years, with adherents on both sides of the discussion. Non-smokers currently win it.

If you’re wondering whether you can vape on a cruise at all, the answer is yes, but only if you comply with cruise line restrictions. You can’t puff on your vape box mod kit anywhere you like. Most cruise ships allow passengers to vape in designated smoking areas.

The regulations tend to differ widely between companies. For example, Costa Cruises allow their passengers to vape in their cabins and cigar bars. P&O permit using e-cigs in designated areas but bans it in public spaces of the ship. Carnival Cruise lines prohibit vaping in staterooms or balconies and those who dare to ignore this policy pay a $250 fine.

Make inquiries and find out whether you can bring your e-cig and e-liquids with you on the ship. If you do, pack enough e-liquid to cover your entire trip.

By Land

When travelling by car, you can use e-cig as much as you like. Just keep vape juice bottles vertically to avoid leaking. And don’t leave batteries in a hot car for a long time. They can lose their charge or overheat and get damaged.

When it comes to public transport, you have to follow regulations. Vaping is not allowed on any trains or platforms. So, if you want to vape before catching the train, you will have to do that before entering the station. Buses are also out of the question.

It happens that vapers and traditional smokers break the rules when travelling by train. You could have seen people do it. But if you decide to follow their example, be ready that some anti-smoker will tell you that you’re doing the wrong thing.
I hope this information is helpful. Have fun on your trips and enjoy some quality vapor!

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