Review of the Travel List App for iOS

Recently, a few developers from Minsk, Belarus reached out to me regarding their brand new Travel List App for iOS and asked if I would review it and let my readers know about it.  The app offers a seamless and synchronized way to manage all of your travel and packing lists between your iOS devices.  You have the ability to create and customize a checklist with user-friendly design in order to ensure you don’t forget something on your upcoming trip.  I was extremely curious.  You mean… there is a user-friendly app that can help me stay organized and not forget something when I travel?  Other than the obvious thoughts of “Why didn’t I think of this” to “Finally… something user-friendly!”… I needed to check this app out.  In a way, I am the perfect candidate and certainly the ideal person to test out such an app.

Me using Travel List app


Well, I am disorganized.  There is no other way around it.  While I am extremely organized when it comes to working and my individual workspaces (wherever in the world they may be), my flat is disorganized except for my camera and coffee areas, my brain is usually a bit disorganized and hazy, and the traveler in me is 100% disorganized.  I’ve always kind of denied the fact that as a traveler I was a hot mess.  I’m a travel blogger and writer.  It’s not supposed to be like this.  I should have the answers.  I should be an expert at doing this.  I forget something each and every trip.  Usually, it is something minute, like my makeup brushes… which isn’t a huge deal given I hardly wear makeup these days.  Other times, I forget my curling iron or hair straightener (I may or may not have done this for my three-month ‘out of Schengen’ stint I am serving in Bulgaria) which leaves my hair looking scary, but isn’t a huge deal.

Other times, like in Zadar, Croatia a few months ago, I committed the ultimate sin.  I forgot my computer charger.  I was gone for over a month and had to work.  While this seems like an easy fix, it isn’t when you’re in Zadar, Croatia and are an Apple user.  A new charger for my Macbook Air had to be shipped from Zagreb to Zadar to a local and small tech shop.  I looked at every option I had an without heading to Zagreb myself; this was my only option.  I waited a week for this to come in.  I was computerless for a week.  When your whole life is online, this is a big deal.  I ended up with radiation numbing my fingers on my left hand from holding my iPhone for too many hours a day and my fingers never got their feeling back for two entire months.  Never again… (until I forgot my hair tools this Bulgaria trip, naturally).

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The Travel List App has several useful and relevant features.  First of all, the app can be synced amongst your iOS devices. I find this super useful as I am not always attached to my phone (my partner may say otherwise!)  But perhaps the most important feature is that you can create customizable lists.  I will show you how to create your first travel checklist below.


You’re definitely one step closer to not forgetting something on your next trip if you’ve made it this far.  I will guide you through the process of creating a bespoke checklist that suits your needs, routine, and next trip.


First of all, you’ll want to open the app and you will be taken to a screen that looks something like this.  You can hit the menu on the upper lefthand side for other options such as Reporting a Bug, Social Features, Restarting the Tutorial, and seeing all of your Travel Lists in one place.  In the upper righthand side of this screen, you will see the area to add a new travel list.  This is where you can create your new list for your upcoming trip.

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Next, you’re going to want to add in the information about your trip.  It’ll ask your gender (regardless of what you put, you have access to everything in the next step), weather, type of holiday, etc.  I thought I’d be cute and put that I was going skiing to a warm destination.  Not sure how that was going to work out for me, but I was curious.  But on second thought, I am from a place in the US that has to make fake snow because we don’t get the real stuff and people want to ski and snowboard…


Now, this is where the fun starts.  You are given several categories from Health and Beauty to Electronics to Clothing.  It populates items it anticipates you’ll need depending on what you put in on the previous screen.  If you don’t need anything from a section, you simply remove it.  If you want to add more, you tap on the category and it’ll take you to the screen shown above (this was for Electronics since that is a category I always forget something in).  You can look at the options given, and pick and choose what you need to bring.  Don’t see something on there?  Go to the top-right corner and add something new.  Here I added a Macbook charger as that was something super pricey and burdensome to forget on my Croatia trip!

That’s it.  Easy as pie with appropriate icons for the visual person (*raises a hand over here*).


It is free to download the Travel List app.  From there, you can create one free checklist.  If you need more than one checklist, you can purchase the full version of the app for a mere $1.  Which is nothing compared to the amount of money I spent on that Macbook charger a few months back, if I’m going to be honest.  In addition, if you promote or share the app on Facebook or Twitter, you will have the chance to receive three free checklists.


I’ve been trying to scale down the number of apps I use these days, but I definitely will use the Travel List app for my future travels.  I have previously ‘attempted’ to create travel lists in my ‘Notes’ on my iPhone or on other apps, but it becomes cumbersome entering every single thing or using user-unfriendly apps… which I have encountered one too many times.  This app is very easy to use and creating a travel list really actually only takes a few minutes of your time.  The fact that it makes suggestions for me is a key feature as I tend to have very streamlined thought processes and focus on one thing and forget everything else outside of it.

To download the Travel List App for iOS, head over to the iTunes store.  I was compensated for my time in reviewing this app.  Everything I stated above is based 100% on my opinions and my usage of the app and its features.


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