5 Great Tips to Follow When Traveling From Egypt to South Africa

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South Africa is one of the best countries to visit for a vacation and enjoy your time. There are plenty of spectacular tourists’ attraction sites and beautiful places to rest in. You should, however, not forget that this is a different country from your country and you should be prepared for any unexpected things. So, if you’re travelling from Egypt, here are a few tips to follow if your destination is South Africa.

Check the prices

Locals in South Africa have a tendency of increasing the prices when they notice you’re a foreigner. Compare the prices and buy at the lowest price possible. If you’re commuting from one place to another, you can consider taking a bus instead of a cab to save on costs. If you’re flying to or from different parts of town like Johannesburg, Durban and other places, www.mango.com, which is one of the best airlines in South Africa, suggests that since there are many domestic airlines in the country, you should choose one with a good track record on on-time arrivals, good services, and of course, the best rates.

Have an insurance cover

Travelling from Egypt to South Africa will put you at very high health risks due to the change of environment and fatigue. This is not to wish that a thing like that happens but its better to take precautions by having an insurance cover to save the situation. This can also cover lost property or damages.

Hire a South African tour guide

This is a new place, and you must find your way around to enjoy your visit. You need some kind of assistance starting from planning the travel to the actual tour. South Africa has very good tour guides that will help you connect with the best places to tour, organize your accommodation and anything else you might need assistance with at a very pocket-friendly price.

Beware of scammers

Not everybody is trusted in South Africa. Do your speedy investigation by asking simple questions to determine if the person is trustworthy. This is not to discourage you but rather a precautionary measure as every country has its cunning individuals. Scammers in most cases are identifying with lust for your money and have false promise. There are also many good and trusted people in South Africa you can enjoy working with for your vacation. You should make some friends so that you get to enjoy the beauty of South Africa as well as get all the information you need about the place.

Enjoy the meals that locals eat

When it comes to eating in a foreign country, you’re guided by the universal rule that you only eat at restaurants and stalls that are accessed by locals. Any restaurant that is not serving any local food should be your no go zone. A restaurant that is busy and serving many locals is supposed to produce great food and affordable. Inquire prices.

Travelling is a fun experience that everybody looks forward to when its vacation time. It can, however, turn messy if you don’t take all the necessary precautions and prepare well. The above tips will help you enjoy your travel from Egypt to South Africa.

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