8 Cool and Unusual Things to See in Copenhagen, Denmark

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When planning to visit the capital of Denmark, most tourists feel great about seeing the most prominent and famous places like the statue of Little Mermaid, the bright harbor Nyhavn, Tivoli gardens, Rosenborg Castle, and the other usual locations.

The standard tourist route is perfect if you are in the town for just one or two days. But what if you are staying longer or have already been to Copenhagen before, are there any other attractions left to see? Anything cool and unusual?

Of course, there are. There are lots of hidden gems in Denmark, and most of them are located in the Copenhagen area within 30 minutes on public transport from the very center. Some of the places are new, and there is not much data about them on travel websites.

If you are, for instance, wondering how to build a travel agency website, what content to place there and what prominent tourist destinations you should include, then these places would definitely come in handy and your data will be updated and fresh.


The Superkilen park is not new, yet is often ignored by tourists. It was opened in 2012 in the Nørrebro district that is considered as a district of immigrants. This park was created to celebrate the multicultural population of the area. It mixes different elements from different cultures. Here, you can find a black Bull from Spain, a “Moskvich” sign from Russia, a streetlamp from Iraq, a trash bin from England, a Chinese neon sign of street advertising and lots benches of all the shapes and colors from Brazil and other countries.

Location: next to the Nørrebro station

The Genetically Modified Little Mermaid

I bet, this is not the way you’ve imagined the Little Mermaid. This twisted bronze statue is a part of “The Genetically Altered Paradise” that the artist himself described it as “a provocative and humorous look at postmodern society.” Apart from the iconic statue of Little Mermaid that was decapitated a few times, this one has avoided vandalism so far. But let’s face the truth: none of the damage would make this Mermaid look weirder than it is now.

Location: Langelinie Alle 17, Copenhagen

8 House

8 House is a large residential house in the shape of figure 8. The most wonderful thing about the house is that anyone can climb and take a walk on the roof. Start from the street level and then go up the stairs, turn right, till the 10th floor along the wide promenade. You can get a great view from the top as well as a perfect idea of what a modern alternative architecture in Denmark is.

Location: close to the Ørestad metro station.

Forgotten Giants

In the six municipalities, quite far from typical tourist attractions, you can find six wooden giants. The wooden giants are troll-like sculptures built from recycled woods. They look more than impressive, especially when you inspect them closely. Not all the locals know where they are, so you will have a fun time even finding them. Here is a hint: look under the bridge near Arken Museum of Modern Art.

Location: visit www.thomasdambo.com for a map.

The Deer Park

The Deer Park, or Dyrehaven, is basically a huge forest with large trees and deers. These animals are not tamed, so it’s not a good idea to try to feed them. However, it is a great opportunity to see around 2000 mighty free-range animals in a beautiful surrounding.

Location: Klampenborg S-train station

Absalon Church

This church only looks like one from the outside but on the inside, it’s a different story. Inside you will find a community house with a restaurant, cafe, tennis tables, music and movie events, and all kinds of activities for locals and guests. Enjoy a wonderful lunch in the church, it will definitely be once in a lifetime experience.

Location: Sønder Blvd. 73, 1720 København

Konditaget Lüders

Konditaget Lüders is a playground and workout area that is situated on the rooftop of a multi-storey car park. Do you want to jump on trampolines with a view to a UN campus, Øresund stretch, and Sweden on the horizon? Here, you can do everything, especially taking awesome panorama photos.

Location: Helsinkigade 30, 2150 Nordhavn

Assistens Cemetery

A cemetery is not the first place where you want to go while traveling, yet in Copenhagen, the attitude to graveyards is quite different from elsewhere. Here, the cemeteries are more like large parks with benches and shadowy alleys where children play hide-and-seek, moms walk with baby carriages, young couples have their picnic (yes, right in between the gravestones) and office workers eat their lunch. Here as well, you can find the grave of the fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen and philosopher Søren Kierkegaard.

Location: Kapelvej 2, 2200 København N

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