A Perfect Day in Broome, Australia Itinerary for First-Time Visitors

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There are many activities and excursions you could add to your one day in Broome itinerary. The remote, yet remarkable Australian city is known for its views and beaches. This is a guide of the best things to do in Broome, Australia

A Perfect Day in Broome Itinerary | Things to Do in Broome, Australia

Located on the northern coastline of Western Australia, Broome is about as remote as towns come. A staggering 2000km north of the state’s capital, Perth, the town is the gateway to the stunning, yet remote Kimberley region.

Each year during the peak tourist “dry season” (when there’s little rain during the months of May to September, in contrast to the rains, storms and cyclones of the “wet season”) the town’s population triples in size. Thanks to regular flights from around Australia (or after a long road trip from Perth to Broome), visitors head here to embark on journeys through the Kimberley or just to enjoy the charms of this tropical town and its warm weather.

There’re plenty of things to do in Broome, whether you’re visiting for a short getaway or at the start or end of a longer trip through the region. Not sure where to get started? Consider this ideal one-day Broome itinerary.  

Things to Do in Broome
The Very Best Things to Do in Broome

One Day Itinerary for Broome

9:00am: Breakfast at The Good Cartel

You can’t start the day without some decent coffee! If you’re not staying at one of Australia’s best beachside resorts in Broome, you may need to venture out for breakfast and coffee!

Reportedly the best coffee in Broome these days is from The Good Cartel, an open-air café with a drive-through.

As well as plenty of options from the Espresso Bar, they also have an extensive breakfast menu. Go for a traditional Avocado and Tomato on Toast, try the healthy Super Brekky Salad, or if you’ve got a big appetite order the Brekky Burrito or Breakfast Dog. Having a great coffee (and brekky) is one of the essential things to do in Broome.

10:30am: Explore Broome’s Pearling History

Broome was established in the late 19th century as a port to support the pearling industry, and there are still many modern pearl farms harvesting pearls around the town. Don’t leave town without exploring this fascinating industry.

One option is to take the Pearl Luggers Tour run by Willie Creek Pearl Farm. Conveniently located at Dampier Terrace in the centre of town, the 90-minute tour includes a tour of some of Broome’s last pearling luggers, viewing a range of valuable artifacts up close, and the chance to taste some meat of the Pinctada Maxima oyster, a local delicacy that retails for up to $120 per kilogram.

If you have more time, instead take the guided tour out to the actual Willie Creek Pearl Farm. Located 38km outside of Broome, choose between the options of self-driving (4WD recommended) or pay extra to take the coach. The duration of the coach tour is five hours, either in the morning or afternoon.

Naturally, there’s also the opportunity to buy some of the local pearls, some of the finest specimens anywhere in the world.

12:00pm: Head to the Markets

Don’t miss the excellent Broome Markets if you’re in Broome over the weekend. The markets are held every Saturday throughout the year, between 8:00am and 1:00pm. Between Easter and October, they’re also held every Sunday.

Taking place in the gardens of the Broome Courthouse, there are a wide variety of local stalls, including summer dresses, jewellery and art displays. It’s the perfect spot to find something tasty for lunch, with cuisines on offer including Indonesian, Filipino, Chinese, Indian and Thai. Broome has long had a multicultural population, and this shows in the local food options.

1:30pm: Spot Footprints from the Past

The red rocks of Gantheaume Point - A perfect place for your Broome itinerary
The red rocks of Gantheaume Point – A perfect place for your Broome itinerary

Check whether there will be an extra low tide when you are in Broome. Generally, thee occur a few days either side of the full and new moons. If so, head out to Gantheaume Point, on the western tip of Broome, to explore the region’s distant past.

Your attention will firstly be caught by the unusual outcrops of Broome sandstone. But if you’re lucky and the tide is low enough, there’s the chance to spot dinosaur footprints, about 30m out from the shoreline. If the tide isn’t low enough, there are plaster cast models on the rocky headline.

2:30pm: Relax at Cable Beach

Late afternoon at Cable Beach
Late afternoon at Cable Beach – what to do in Broome during the day

Spend the afternoon relaxing on the long sandy stretches of Cable Beach, alternating with dips into the calm and warm Indian Ocean. The main entrance to the beach and car park is at Cable Beach Road West, which is where you’ll also find toilets and shower facilities.

If you’re up for something more adventurous and have your own 4WD, consider a drive along the beach. It’s always possible to find your own deserted stretch of Cable Beach – it stretches for 22km!

The vehicle ramp providing beach access is also at the end of Cable Beach Road West. As with taking a swim along Cable Beach, 4WDing on the beach is also best done at low tide. If you’re looking for what to do in Broome, definitely consider this!

5:00pm: Enjoy a Sunset Camel Ride

Sunset camel rides on Cable Beach
Sunset camel rides on Cable Beach

Even if you don’t find time for anything else in Broome, make sure you take a camel ride at Cable Beach, arguably the most famous things to do in Broome. The perfect time to do so is at sunset, the line of camels sedately walking along the sand, as you watch the sun sink into the Indian Ocean.

There are multiple operators of the camel rides, all of which have similar offerings and similar prices. Make sure you book in advance, as these are popular, especially the sunset rides!

Broome Sunset
Broome Sunset

If you do miss out on the sunset ride, consider instead doing the cheaper pre-sunset ride. Then afterward, sit on the beach and view the sunset, including taking some photos featuring the trains of camels.

6:30pm: View the Staircase to the Moon

The most popular time to visit Broome each month is around the time of the full moon. For two to three days each month around the full moon, only between the months of March and October, it’s possible to witness a local phenomenon known as the Staircase to the Moon.

As the full moon rises early evening over the tidal flats of Roeback Bay, its light produces a staircase pattern. The best place to witness the event is at Town Beach, where a night market is also held to coincide.

7:30pm: Dinner and Beers at Matso’s

Matso’s Brewery in a sprawling old Broome house
Matso’s Brewery in a sprawling old Broome house

What’s a tropical night without a refreshing cold beer? The perfect place to wrap up the perfect day in Broome is at Matso’s Brewery, the only local brewery in town.

Matso’s is famous for having an extensive range of beers influenced by the brewery’s tropical location. In a nod to the local mango farms, they make a unique Mango Beer. The Ginger and Lychee Beers are also refreshing options in the tropical heat. There’re also more typical lagers and pale ales, plus regular special releases.

Matso’s is also home to an excellent restaurant, with dinner options ranging from steak and fish of the day to a selection of Indian curries. Enjoy your meal inside or out on the verandah, overlooking the waters of Roeback Bay.

More Things to Do in Broome

Need some more ideas of what to do in Broome? Consider the following options.

Taste the Local Mangos

Head 20 minutes out of Broome to The Mango Place to explore a local mango farm. As well as offering you the chance to walk around the farm and spot the different mango varieties, there are plenty of products to taste.

There’s a range of tropical wines, mainly made from mangoes, plus jams, chutneys and sauces. At the onsite café, the menu is mango focused, including chicken and mango pizza, and beef and mango wine pie, plus freshly made mango smoothies. Enjoying the delicious local produce is definitely one of the best things to do in Broome.

View the Horizontal Falls

Not far from Broome is one of the best opportunities to witness a rare natural phenomenon: “horizontal falls”. Rather than typical vertical waterfalls, these falls are created by water surging through gaps between peninsulas, aided by the huge tidal differences that occur in the region.

For the ultimate splurge, witness the falls on a scenic flight from Broome. The 6-hour tours with Horizontal Falls Seaplane Adventures include a seaplane scenic flight, a ride in a fast boat through the falls and a swim or snorkel inside a shark- and crocodile-proof cage.

Explore the Local Aboriginal Heritage

Cape Leveque at the tip of the Dampier Peninsula
Cape Leveque at the tip of the Dampier Peninsula

The best place to experience the local Aboriginal culture is by heading north along the Dampier Peninsula, which stretches about 200km north of Broome. This peninsula is home to multiple Aboriginal communities.

There are multiple day trip options available from Broome; enquire at the Broome Visitors Centre for the current offerings. Tours include visits to the historic Beagle Bay Church, and perhaps the chance to sample bush foods or hunt for mud crabs using local methods.

If you have time and have a 4WD vehicle, it’s worthwhile spending a couple of nights up on the peninsula. There’re multiple accommodation options available including at Kooljaman, Lombadina and One Arm Point.

Where to Stay in Broome

There’s no shortage of accommodation options in Broome, although it’s always best to book in advance during the busy “dry season” months. Here are some suggestions on where to stay in Broome.

  • One of the most popular options is the upmarket Cable Beach Club Resort. The resort is perfectly located just metres away from the white sand of Cable Beach, and has multiple restaurants as well as a luxury spa.
  • Another luxury choice in Broome is the Kimberley Sands Resort. Just a few minutes away from Cable Beach in a bushland setting, this resort has recently become an adults-only resort, perfect for relaxation around the gorgeous pool.
  • If you’re looking for a more affordable choice near Cable Beach, consider Beaches of Broome. It offers a mixture of budget hotel rooms and hostel-style dormitories, along with complimentary breakfast and complimentary airport pick-ups during peak season.
  • Alternatively, consider staying close to the centre of Broome at the 3-star Mercure Broome. This modern hotel includes an outdoor pool, restaurant and two bars.

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