Things Not to Do in Bulgaria

Pose a question about Bulgaria and you will find a lot of people giving a puzzled look. Not many people are aware of this Balkan country and should I say that’s a good thing? Well, it totally is! This wonderland, hidden from the curious eyes of the pokey tourists, is just perfect for those who want to see a country in its unscathed beauty. And I must say, the beauty of Bulgaria is unparalleled.           

Rimmed with soaring mountains that can pique the interest of hikers, skiers and mountain bikers in a jiffy, the country is an adrenaline junkie’s hideout. And when the laid-back feels sink in, the country has a vast expanse of sand rolled out for you to lounge at and sip martinis. The captivating turquoise water and the freshening sea breeze is all the rejuvenation you need in life.

When the curiosity about the country swirls in your head, make your way to the myriad of historical monuments to delve into the tales of the past. They are not just significant to the country’s personality but are true marvels of architecture.

Just when you think that maybe that’s all the country has got up its sleeve to appease you, be prepared to be treated to a culinary experience that is absolutely delectable. The local dishes are true winners. And, the star on the repute of the country is added by the amiable locals. Their warm demeanor and welcoming nature will floor you.

So, when the country has everything that is almost flawless, why don’t you make that extra effort of knowing Bulgaria better and not do things that may upset your rhythm of travel in this enigmatic country? Read along to know the things that you should not do while visiting the country so that you only bring back happy memories and not sour ones. And, not to worry, they are not even that hard to abide by. So, start your search for cheap flights to any city of your choice in beguiling Bulgaria.    

Don’t bring up soccer

Okay, I don’t even seem to muster the courage to say anything against the Bulgarian football teams even though it’s quite clearly known how they fail to make it big globally. But, the nation worships their teams and how! And, you don’t want to speak anything against them even as a light-hearted banter. Many countries are okay about talking loosely when it comes to their sports teams. But, do not even for a second mistake Bulgaria to be easy going in this respect. They react outrageously. So, keep mum or else you are going to miff the locals beyond belief. Later don’t say that I didn’t warn you!

Don’t go the cheap way

Cheap alcohol is going to catch your attention undoubtedly. The dirt cheap prices that they are available for at many places in Bulgaria will make you want to stock up bottles. But a word of caution their friend. And, do not take this lightly. Do not, I repeat, do not fall weak to the Satan’s voice in you. No matter how cheaply they may be priced, skip buying those liquor bottles. That cheap alcohol may cost you your life. They are simply poisonous and several cases in the past have been reported regarding the same. Though gallons of alcohol was confiscated by the Bulgarian police immediately after this news surfaced, fake alcohol can still be out there.


Go easy on the humor

Okay, no one is stripping you off your humor in Bulgaria. All that’s needed is cracking that joke with caution. I know this must sound absurd but then, being mindful of what you say in humor is important too. You do not want to hurt anyone. Well, Bulgarians are all up for self-deprecating jokes, but they don’t like to be at the receiving end of a foreigner’s joke. Well, not just Bulgarian, am sure no one will be okay with that. So, hold your horses before you speak.

Drive carefully            

It’s certain that you need to drive carefully anywhere in the world. But by saying drive carefully, I meant, take it slow at the stop signs and not come to a halt entirely. When the sign on the road reads stop, do not hit up the brakes completely, instead look to your left and right and drive away slowly when you find the road clear. If you come to a complete stop, chances are you might get hit by a car from behind. The Bulgarians are used to be callous when it comes to obeying the rules of the road signs. So, be careful when you drive on the roads of Bulgaria.

Relearn how to nod     

You must have lived all your life believing that the way you nod is universally the right way to do it. Well, what could it be other than nodding your head up and down in agreement and shaking your head sideways when you disagree? Let me break it to you. The Bulgarians do it differently. They shake their head from side to side when they agree and nod it up and down when they do not agree. Confusing, right?! Well, that’s how it’s done in this Balkan nation. So, in order to save yourself from embarrassing situations, pay heed to how you respond through a nod. Your “no” may be taken for a “yes” if you stick to your old rules of nodding.  

See beyond Sofia

The capital of Bulgaria, Sofia has everything to fulfill the whims and fancies of any traveler. And due to the same reason, many people limit their trip to just Sofia when they visit Bulgaria. Trust me, you’re going to commit a grave mistake by depriving yourself of all the treasures that Bulgaria has in store. The entire country is a masterpiece of nature, art, culture, and history. And, you get to experience all of it in abundance as you foray into the rural areas of the nation. Untouched by the vices of touristy crowds, these villages are exquisitely beautiful in every sense of the word. So, explore beyond Sofia.

Skip talking communism

The time period that was overshadowed by communism lays buried in the grave. But, the wounds from it have left scars. The nation is divided into two groups, one that talks in favor of it and those that despise the era. Whatever be the case, it’s better that you don’t open that chapter of the storybook of Bulgaria. Let the turbulent past be a thing of the past. Instead talk movies, sports or about the country’s rich history. I bet you will really have a good time bonding with the locals over anything but communism.

Don’t criticize

Criticism is the easiest way out when things don’t live up to your expectations. But, what are expectations anyway? A set of beliefs based on hearsay or falsely held notions about things. Whatever it may be, you need to keep your criticizing views to yourself when it comes to the local food of Bulgaria. The local dishes are made using herbs and spices that are rooted in the culture of Bulgaria. And there is a possibility that it may be different than your usual taste for food. If you don’t happen to like it, do not criticize it. The Bulgarians take their food seriously and you may offend them easily. So, mind what you say. But trust me, experiencing the rich flavors of the local dishes is a must do thing in Bulgaria.

These are few of the things that you need to keep in mind so that you don’t end up earning the dislike of the locals on your trip to Bulgaria. Keep a check of these things and you are good to go in a city that is charmingly gorgeous. Start your search for business class flight deals and treat yourself to good times.      

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