Stalheimskleiva is Northern Europe’s Steepest Road

Norway has some steep roads…I kid you not.  But one of them takes the cake for steepness.  Stalheimskleiva, below the Stalheim Hotel, is actually Northern Europe’s steepest road.  From the top, you start at the Stalheim Hotel and finish 1.5km later down in picturesque Nærøydalen (Nærøy Valley).  Throughout the short journey, you get two stunning views called Sivlefossen and Stalheimsfossen.  Foss= waterfall in Norwegian.  I have been to the area several times but unfortunately never had the opportunity to drive down the steep road because weather conditions were not exactly in our favor, or Stalheim Hotel was our final destination.  But I finally got my chance and was able to do it.  It was truthfully more beautiful than scary, so I was able to film most of it for you (sorry about the filming quality).  Hope you don’t get too carsick watching!

To learn more about this area of Norway and the infamous Stalheim Hotel (which was at the beginning of this video), you can read up via their website.  It has a super fascinating history and I highly recommend reading up on it!

If you’re interested in booking a tour in the area, check out Fjord Tours for more information and tours available.

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Megan, The Frugalista Diaries

beautiful! travel envy over here..

Xo Megan

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures

It’s absolutely magical!!!!

I would get SOOO car sick. I mean I don’t get car sick normally but I think this would be an exception

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