4 Reasons to Try Skiing for the First Time

Have you ever watched a pro skier race down a ramp only to end up flying high above the crowds before smoothly landing and continuing to the finish line? Chances are you were filled with envy and curiosity. There’s something so exciting and equally soothing about watching skiers kiss the skies, glide across mountainous landscapes on a pillow of snow or slalom their way through forest areas lined by snow-covered trees. These images emit the ultimate sense of freedom – nature, exercise, fresh air, what more could you possibly want? If you are longing to truly experience the mountains, skiing is the way to do it. Here are three further reasons you should try skiing for the first time!

This Sport Comes with Many Health Benefits

Skiing comes with various health benefits, the most obvious being the strengthening of bones and joints. The tension and bodyweight required to turn and move down the slopes will make your legs stronger, preventing damage to your knees. It will also improve your proprioception, helping you to tune in to your different body parts and how you use them at any given time. Skiing will also help increase your cardiovascular endurance, even more so if you choose to ditch the ski lift and walk the slopes instead. If you’ve been sweating over those planks at yoga class, you’ll be happy to know that skiing will increase your core strength and balance.

Skiing is a Natural Anti-Depressant

One thing all mental health professionals will agree on is that nature and exercise are two of the most effective natural anti-depressants known to man. So, when you take up a sport like skiing, which is comprised of exercise in a stunning, natural environment, you’re basically getting a two-in-one deal and it can be really beneficial for your mental health. Unless you’re skiing indoors, you’ll always feel the fresh air tousling through your hair, the sun rays kissing your cheeks and the world at your feet as you observe it from atop the highest peak. These simple but important sensations are more healing than any pharmaceutical. The sport itself will get your adrenaline pumping only to send you off into a deep sleep later at night – another healing practice.

Skiing Fosters Community

Another great perk of skiing is that it is a sport that fosters community. Regardless of whether you are skiing at a resort, an indoor venue or following your own trail, you will always come to meet winter-sport enthusiasts from all over the world. Skiers and snowboarders are always chasing the powder and the anticipation for the next season is one you will come to share with everyone. The apres ski culture further contributes to this sense of community – the celebration of yet another exciting day out on the slopes brings people together and forms lifetime friendships.

It’s the Perfect Sport to Beat the Winter Blues

If the winter period gets you down thanks to cold temperatures, grey skies and gloomy days, there’s no better way to pick yourself up again than by heading out and embracing the season. Being sensitive to the cold is no excuse – wrap up nice and warm, get your body moving and the next thing you’ll know, you’ll feel like spring has sprung when the icy depression taking your heart and mind hostage slowly begins to thaw. Skiing will make you feel like a kid again – you’ll get to frolic in the snow, enjoy killer views from the ski lifts and mountaintop, exercise, take in the scenery and, to top it all off, celebrate it all at the apres ski party. Beats sitting at home watching lame winter TV, right?

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