Second Chances in Riga

It’s no secret that my first trip to Riga didn’t turn out to my liking.  Part of the problem was that I didn’t get enough time there.  And obviously, the biggest part of the problem was me.

I had spent the last year trying to find a reason to get back to the city to find out what else it had up its sleeve.  Luckily, I was able to recently do just that and surprise-  I loved it.

Winter in Riga, Latvia

Riga is really one of those cities that you must get out of the Old Riga to get a good feel for the city, however.  While several travelers found Old Riga difficult to leave (because it is so pretty and charming), I didn’t… and was on the hunt for cheaper food and more of the local culture.

Winter in Riga, Latvia

This post, my first one in nearly a month, is just to tell you to go to Riga if you have the chance.  But go with a curiosity of the city and take the time to explore it.  Most people will tell you that you can see the whole city within a day.  I believe this is completely wrong.  Sure, you can see all of the Old Riga within a day, but you can’t get a feel for the Latvian capital itself within a day.  I was there for a total of nine days and still feel like I left without getting to explore parts of the city!

Winter in Riga, Latvia

Winter in Riga, Latvia

Winter in Riga, Latvia

Street art in Riga, Latvia

Kids enjoying winter in Riga, Latvia

Koya restaurant in Riga, Latvia

Winter in Riga, Latvia

I’ll be back over the next few weeks/month to give a more detailed insight to my trip!  I can’t wait to share!

My first trip to Riga was too short and I had no connection with the city. Fortunately, my second one was amazing and I loved the Latvian capital!

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The pictures are beautiful! I can’t wait to hear more about your trip! How nice that you got a chance to go back…most people wouldn’t have given it another chance.

It looks like a fabulous place and I look forward to your next update. The concept of the old and the new reminds me a bit of Warsaw which is a diverse city and again offers variety away from the tourist spots. Great pictures.

Alex @ ifs ands & butts

Looks incredible – so glad you had a chance to give it another go. I have got to get to Eastern Europe, preferably with you the evolving expert.

I’m so intrigued by Eastern Europe! It looks so beautiful and less touristy than the west. I’m curious to hear what you did for nine days!

Driftwood and Daydreams

I’m looking forward to hearing more about your trip. It’s great you gave it another try :)

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