In Love with My Hometown of Richmond, Virginia

When I was in the US this summer traveling around, I was was most excited to visit my hometown of Richmond, Virginia. You see, in Europe, I have to tell people I am from “near Washington D.C.”.  No one knows of Richmond. It gives me great joy when those rare conversations happen where that person says, “Where near Washington D.C.?”

While I have immense pride for my hometown, I don’t know my hometown.  I only realized how little I knew of the place when we arrived there July 27 and tried to drive around the city..  I felt mildly embarrassed.  I wanted to cry.  How could I live in a place for fourteen years and know nothing about it?  Except that it is pretty in the fall, unbearably hot in the summers, and packed with more history than I can even wrap my head around?

A little background…I moved to an area south of Richmond when I was in grade school.  I spent my many years living there traveling around the US for sports.  I did travel the Richmond area frequently as a child… but it wasn’t to city parks and historical monuments.  It was to gyms for basketball games.  Or the mall.  Shoot… I could name every single high school and middle school in the greater Richmond area.  And of course I could name every mall or shopping street.  But that was it.  I knew nothing of the city I claimed I left a large piece of my heart in.

I didn’t have a lot of days, but, with a GPS in hand and a little internet research, I toured my ‘city’.  I saw the many monuments of Presidents and prominent historical figures.  I saw beautiful Maymont Park.  I walked around the new(er) Canal District.  I saw parts of the city that I didn’t even know existed.  I don’t know if I had dug deep enough into Richmond’s culture, music, and food scene, but there is always a next time as long as my parents and friends are still residing there.  I just couldn’t leave the place.  No really… I extended our stay a few extra days.

And guess what?  I fell in love with my hometown all over again.  Except this time I knew what I fell in love with.

University of Richmond campus

Maymont Park in Richmond, Virginia in summer

Richmond, Virginia

Richmond, Virginia downtown

Bottoms Up pizza in Richmond, Virginia

train station in Richmond, Virginia

Richmond, Virginia

Richmond, Virginia

Street art and coolness in Richmond, Virginia

17th street Farmer's Market in Richmond, Virginia

Richmond, Virginia downtown

Richmond, Virginia's Carytown neighborhood

If you’re planning a visit to Virginia’s capital city (which you should be!), be sure to check out this site before you go.

Growing up in Richmond, Virginia I never had a true appreciate for how amazing of a city it is.  I finally have taken the time to properly tour my hometown and can proudly say that I am in love with Richmond.

Do you know your hometown and where you come from?

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I have lived in the DC area for over three years now, and I have only been to Richmond for a NASCAR race. So, needless to say, I have not really seen Richmond. I think I am going to suggest a day trip to my husband! :)

i lived in richmond for so many years and i never even made it to a NASCAR race…how pathetic is that!!! you definitely should take a day trip down to the city one of these days. it will offer you a peaceful atmosphere compared to DC…i promise that! :)

It’s never too late to get to know your hometown. And hey, at least you got to know it with someone very special! I find the older I get, the more in love with my hometown I fall. We just have the mental capacity to recognize and appreciate what is important and special in life when we are younger! And I have to say, I know my home town very well! I’m from an isolated Island of about 2,500 people that is only about 13 miles long, pretty hard not to get to know that after 17+ years :)

i definitely agree! im a city girl through and through…but probably because ive never lived in the country really. you can claim both ;) im a little jealous of that ;)

but dang where you’re from is gorgeous! i wish you’d write more about it!

Yummy. Bottoms Up has the very best pizza. I haven’t been there in years. A friend recently told me that living in VA was like living in a history book. That kind of sums it up, don’t you think?

that exactly sums it up! when andre was there i was trying to explain all the history to him…but of course, him being norwegian, only parts of it made sense and he couldnt truly grasp the significance of it!

Looks like a great place, I will have to visit. The Patricia Cornwell character Kay Scarpetta is from there, but that’s about the extent of my info on the area!

that is cool info…even though i have no idea who that is ;) (i should probably read more…) haha!

I was in Charlottesville, Virginia last year and was blown away by how many amazing restaurants there were…lots of farm-to-fork as they grow/harvest everything in Virginia. Here are my top-5 favorite restaurants if readers are interested:

ahhhh i love hearing things like this about my homestate! i havent really been back to charlottesville in years, but its so refreshing to know that the restaurant industry is taking a more sustainable and local approach! i love it! and thanks for sharing the link!

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