A Quick Detroit Travel Guide to Beer, Sports, and Fun

Do you need a break from your busy lifestyle and do you want to save money yet still get a great traveling experience? Detroit is your spot.  Is it your first time traveling to the Detroit area? Even if it’s not, we’re about to offer you a list of fun activities that’ll take you on a miniature adventure during your visit. The city has much to offer from its breweries, scenery, and art to its newest sports arenas. Here’s a quick list to help you with your adventures:


Eastern Market Brewing Co.

If you’re looking for a great place to spend either your day or night, Eastern Market Brewing Co. opened in 2017, but has already earned its place as one of the best brewing companies in Detroit. Don’t expect to be bored in an isolated area because the company has plenty of space to offer. Eastern Market Brewing Co. is known for their German-styled beers, and the best part about this spot being in Eastern Market? It’s around amazing restaurants.

Detroit Beer Co.

If you’re a sports and beer fan, Detroit Beer Co. is located Downtown Detroit near Comerica Park and Ford Field which means that you get to enjoy both in the same day. It’s a great place to grab food as well after a long game-day. They use 21st-century technology to give you the best brews to enjoy on either of their two-floored buildings.

Brew Detroit

Do you love craft beers? If yes, Brew Detroit does, too. Even though they’re smaller than some breweries in the Downtown area, they’re still known for their tiny craft beer batches. Brew Detroit is located on Abbott Street, in Detroit’s Corktown District, so it’s perfect for a calm, quiet night out. If you’re ultra serious about your brews, the company has an internal brewing lab, so all brews are made fresh by a certified technician.


Detroit is home to some of the most talked about teams in sports history- teams like the Detroit Pistons, Lions, Tigers, and the Red Wings. There has been one arena added to the Downtown area and it’s the home of the Detroit Pistons. The Pistons were once housed in The Palace of Auburn Hills, but ever since the move, it’s brought twice as much fun to Detroit. Next on the list of renovations is the Joe Louis Arena as construction is said to begin soon this year and end in early 2020.

Fun Activities

Warm weather is approaching and that means you’ll get more time to enjoy Detroit’s unique activities. These activities involve dancing and films, and honestly, these are great ways to end your traveling.

Salsa at the Garden IV

If you’re into salsa and theaters, this event is just for you. The awesome thing about Salsa at the Garden is that on May 24 it’s located at The Garden Theater. The theater was built in 1912, so it has plenty of beautiful, historic scenery to offer you, along with a fun night of dancing. If you don’t enjoy salsa, still take a day to go see a show!

Film Festival Screenings

Here’s another theatre and although you may not consider it scenery, they have film screenings on a Wurlitzer pipe organ and if that’s not something to see, we don’t know what else to tell you. The Theatre has 80 seats, so it’s extremely intimate and you can expect to see Detroit’s most creative artists’ work screened, especially in the summer.

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