How to Find A Part-Time Job For A Student

College is challenging on many prospects, especially financially wise. Students are no longer living with their parents – they must cook, clean, and work for themselves, or, at least, for half of what they’d spend (if parents are willing to help out). 

Transitioning from a comfortable, worry-free life to a responsible living is quite a challenge even for the tough ones. So, how can students work and study at the same time? What is the big secret behind it? What job could help you manage both, while still leave enough time for socializing?

Here’s your best job hunting guide to finding the perfect part-time job and becoming able to sustain yourself. Check out our tips & options – we put some great thought into this!

First, check your schedule 

Before starting to look for part-time jobs, consider your schedule and check your school requirements. In the end, you are a student first (that’s why you’re there in the first place, to study!). Many part-time workers make the mistake of overwhelming themselves with countless hours, slowly transitioning to a full-time job. Soon after, their grades drop, and their academic standing suffers. Don’t be part of that group! 

Check your schedule to see when you have time to work and what the best days for you would be. If you have a big task coming up and are not able to finish on time, either take a day off or ask EduBirdie for assignment help to remain successful in both areas. Either way, make sure you complete the task and therefore fulfill your student duties before thinking about extra money.

Become available

There’s no point in thinking about how to find a part-time job if you don’t make time to actually work that job. You should be available and flexible in order to be considered by a recruiter. If you don’t make time to work, they won’t make time to hire you. Even if you’re interested in a part-time position, show them that you are open to fit their requirements tightly, even if later you’ll have to ask for some changes to be made.

Don’t lie! If you cannot work night shifts, tell them the truth; but try to highlight your availability instead of underlining your non-availability. If you can work almost any time they need you to, you’ll climb the hiring ladder quicker than others whose schedules are very tight. 

Show commitment

As a student, you’ll have to do some extra convincing to be able to get the job that you want. That’s because students usually quit their college job as soon as they leave the university benches. In the end, that’s fair and normal, but make sure you offer them stability and show commitment as much as you can. 

In any case, and I underline this again, make sure you don’t lie. If you know this is not your dream job – and will leave as soon as school ends – tell that to your employer (in an obviously more diplomatic manner). Recruiters will appreciate your honesty and still hire you if you possess the right skills for the job.

Treat it like a real job

As I was saying, many students treat part-time experiences with disregard, so make sure you are not one of those students. Applying for a part-time job is similar to applying for a full-time position – you must submit a cover letter, your polished resume, and ask for a job application form. If you are applying for an online job, the process will differ in many ways, but the basics will still remain – you still have to go through an interview and convince your recruiter that this job is designed for you. 

Here are some quick tips on how to prepare for your interview –

  • Research the company you are looking at and make sure you fit in! 
  • Find a former/present-day employee and ask him/her the questions you’re concerned about!
  • Prepare for the interview (with questions) but stay relaxed and honest – nobody will hire an approval-seeking employee. Be yourself!
  • Dress appropriately even if the interview is online! This will show the respect you have for the company and how much you want the job.

Start your research 

You can easily find part-time jobs as a student if you know where to search for them. There are many gigs available for enthusiasts, as well as cool long-time opportunities for people looking to transition into a full-time job eventually. Here are some ideas we thought you might enjoy –

  • Retail – work in supermarkets in customer service or stocking the shelves
  • Servers – work in restaurants or bars (as a bartender) and get some cool experience! 
  • Online jobs – search for job opportunities on or These are only two options, but if you Google “online jobs,” you will definitely find even more websites available for your needs.
  • Working at university – be a library assistant or tutor and earn some good pocket money!
  • Search for opportunities on social media, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram. Make sure your account looks professional and is updated.


Keep your head up and be enthusiastic all along! This way you will attract amazing opportunities your way. Make sure you keep things professional and don’t forget to always put school first! Good luck!


Frank Thompson has been traveling the world for five years now, teaching students how to develop content writing qualities and get online writing experience. His main goal is helping students excel academically while training them to be a better version of themselves. Thompson is a writer, comic artist, and digital nomad.

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