3 Awesome and Off the Beaten Path Treks in Nepal

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It seems as if tourists from all around the world are flocking to Nepal in recent years. It’s as if the whole world has suddenly discovered what the locals have known for long – Nepal is an amazing country!

If you’re reading this, you’re probably planning to visit Nepal yourself, and wondering about the most enjoyable things to do and see in Nepal.

If you want to explore off the beaten track locations of Nepal and see an authentic side of the country, then this article is for you.

The best thing is:

You don’t need months to go on the gorgeous offbeat treks in Nepal. With precise planning and preparation, you can do it within a short span of time. 

Nepal is a firm favorite among tourists owing to its colorful culture, fascinating biodiversity and breath-taking mountains.

However, apart from the famous Everest and rare one-horned rhinoceros of Chitwan National Park, Nepal is also renowned for its mystical and offbeat trekking destinations. And not just trekking around the Everest region – there is more beyond that!

Here is a list of three such off the beaten track trekking destinations in Nepal that you absolutely must visit.

Manaslu Circuit Trek

Manaslu Circuit Trekking is one of the best routes to explore Nepal’s amalgamation of rich cultural heritage and natural charm. At a breathtaking elevation of 8,163 meters above sea level, Manaslu is the 8th highest mountain in the world. The pristine serenity and the beauty of the mountain is a surreal spectacle. 

The most exciting and amiable weather to visit Manaslu is Autumn which is from September to November. The sight of lush green rhododendron forest welcomes the visitors during this season. You will experience mildly warm temperatures at lower levels, and it gets colder as you go higher. Nevertheless, this is the best season to witness the flowering plants of the region.  

The swiftly growing lodges and tea houses also offer authentic Nepali cuisine. You can also opt for a camping trek which is gaining more popularity these days.

If you’re all in for adventures in an off-beaten trek, Manaslu Circuit Trek is a must-go destination. It is a wonderful journey and it will not break the bank too (at least not too much). You will cherish the natural ambiance and rich culture the region has to offer for the rest of your life.

The trek reaches over 5,113 meters. The challenges you face throughout the trek showcase the differences in hiking vs trekking. Since this is a strenuous and long trip, we recommend going on some short treks beforehand. This will help you get a feel of treks that stretch to multiple days, unlike hikes that complete within a single day.

Vacationing amidst hills and mountains in Manaslu Circuit Trek is definitely going to soothe your mind, body, and soul. 

Upper Dolpo Trek

Think the Dolpo is completely overrun with tourists? Think again! 

The upper region of Dolpo remains one of Nepal’s hidden gems and is an absolute must-visit if you want to get away from it all. Once a territory of the Lo kingdom in the trans-Himalayan region, Upper Dolpo is a perfect mixture of culture, cuisine, and beautiful landscapes. 

The ruins of Ranak King’s Palace dates back to the 15th century, although some of the walls and towers you see today were built in the 12th and 13th centuries. There’s a lot of historical things to discover in Upper Dolpo. 

The colorful culture, tranquil Kanjirowa range, and yaks wandering through the woods of beech and oak are unique to this region.  

Upper Dolpo region exhibits some of the most interesting cultures in the world. Only a few hundred people inhabit the Upper Dolpo region, and they are among the world’s highest dwellers. This is the only place where people still practice the pre-Buddhist Bon religion. This early sect was almost entirely replaced after Buddhist doctrine began to spread across Tibet in the 9th century.

Fun Fact: 

An English subtitled movie was shot in Dolpo titled ‘The Himalaya’. It was a huge success and was nominated for Oscars in the best foreign-language category. The movie was shot around Shey Phoksundo Park above 4,000 meters.

You must keep in mind that the trek to Upper Dolpo is one of the longest and toughest. On a standard Upper Dolpo Trek, you’ll have to walk for around 15-20 km per day for 10-12 days. 

If you’re an occasional hiker, this trek will be an ultimate challenge! Along with the physical benefits of hiking, you will get to experience some of the world’s best landscape that cleanses your mental stress. 

Tamang Heritage Trek

Interested in going for a  cultural trek in Nepal? 

Then Tamang Heritage Trek route between Ganesh Himal and Lantang Range is what you are looking for.

The lovely trails through the beautiful countryside are combined with majestic views of the Himalayas along with art, history and culture.

The journey across the Tamang Heritage trail provides an opportunity to get intimate with an often overlooked and underrated relationship with the surroundings.

From the close vicinity of the mighty Langtang to the tranquil antique villages with Buddhist Monasteries, this trek keeps you amidst nature and culture. This sprawling region is characterized by wandering Red Pandas, beautiful rhododendron forests and authentic Tamang culture. And the local Tamang food and drinks are not bad either!

The site of local forts at Rasuwagadhi is another highlight of the trek. 

It is no surprise that Tamang Heritage trekking routes have developed all over the region. They are now a must-have experience for active travelers seeking culture and country at their own pace. 

The Best Part:

There are plenty of cheap hotels and tea-houses to stay in the region. So it’s recommended to stay a few days in the village. You’ll feel at home chatting with the villagers and exchanging stories with fellow travelers.


Nepal is renowned for its art, religion, and timeless history. These isolated treks are designed for you to enjoy the stunning beauty of the Nepali landscape while giving you an insight into the people and their culture. 

Good Luck on your trip. 

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