Norwegian Bread Can Be the Ultimate Enemy

Norwegian bread is 100%, without a doubt, the best bread I have ever consumed in my life.  Ask my thighs and the 15 lbs / 7 kg it has gained in the two months I have been here.  I just can’t get enough of it and could eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

In the US, I kind of hated bread.  I loved rolls and specialty bread that people would make, but I couldn’t eat it in large consumption.  I did, however, develop a passion for hard breads when I was living in the US.  I used to eat them with cheese and vegetables on them for breakfast or lunch.  The grocery store bread was just atrocious, on the other hand.  While it may have been low in calories, its wretched taste made it hard to eat for me to stomach.  And don’t even get me started on how pre-slicing the bread leaves it dry and dehydrates it of all tastes.

When you walk into a normal sized (by Norwegian standards… its true size is equivalent to a drug store in the US) grocery store here, they have a fairly large bread section.  And the choices are endless!  Here are some photos in a store here:

Norwegian bread section of a supermarket
Norwegian bread section of a supermarket
Norwegian knekkebrød section of a supermarket

The first two photos are of the “normal breads”… which are baked fresh daily (trust me…I have been in this store at 10pm at night and they are wiped clean of bread…) and the third photo is of the flat breads and hard breads (knekkebrød in Norwegian), which is what I currently eat.

I gave up bread here about two weeks ago and am currently only eating hard breads and flatbreads…which is what I used to consume.  While it might not be world’s healthiest, it makes me feel better after I eat it.  I have no idea if I am on the losing spectrum regarding weight since I don’t have a scale at home, but I feel like I am heading in the right direction.

Do you enjoy bread and if so, what is your favorite??

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I LOVE the bread here in Norway too! I try and stick to eating the Wasa Husman. I LOVE it with a spread of avacodo, thing sliced onion and smoked salmon. HOWEVER…after eating that everyday for breakfast for a month, it makes me sick just thinking about it! Now that I am finally starting to get used to the cheese here I will put a slice of cheese and some cucumber on the knekkebrød. Lately I have started eating Musli in the morning with vanilla yogurt, and knekkebrød in the afternoon…the weight is falling off! I as so lucky the taste of cardamom makes me sick! It is in everything sweet here! Stay away from that kvikk lunsj with havsalt! It will be the death of your diet if you love chocolate!

Vanisha @ Vanisha's Life In...Australia

Oh Megan you’re gorgeous, eat as much bread as you want/can! I’m not a huge bread fan, but I absolutely loved Rasin Toast, in Fiji it’s called Sultana Loaf. But there’s a Chili Loaf at Bakers Delight here that I want to try :)

I don’t even love it that much but end up eating it ALL the time here in Germany. It’s EVERYWHERE. Breakfast, lunch, dinner. My body cannot process this many carbs, blah.

I forgot to say one thing I miss is Sourdough bread. I use to love that with butter. Maybe because I live in a small town I don’t see the same type……I tried one surdeig but wasn’t the same. So if you find one let me know! dd

They do have wonderful bread here. It did take me a while to get use to cutting my own slice but that is great. We have a local baker that sells her bread twice a week and I think maybe she cooks it in a fire oven. Expensive but so good….too good!!
Of the flat breads I love the frukost one with a light brunost. It does feel slightly healthier when I eat those. =) dd

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