Shifting to Norway as a Student: What Do You Need to Bring?

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Being a student is such an enriching experience. You learn more about your chosen subject, meet new people who will become your friends for life, and take on many adventures with them.

Besseggen Ridge in Jotunheimen Norway

But if you have decided to study in a foreign country, shifting there as a student in your first adventure. Norway is one of the best countries to study in. not only because of the exceptional educational system but about its mesmerizing landscapes and development opportunities you can get here.

So, you have been admitted to a university or college in Norway. What are the things you should bring with you when moving there? 

Personal Documents 

I cannot stress enough the importance of bringing all your documents with you. Norway is part of the European Union, so if you reside in one of the countries part of it, you don’t need all of them.

For example, you can enter the country with your identity card. But if you come from a non-EU country, you surely need your passport and your visa.

Other personal documents that are essential for students that are shifting to Norway are your academic records, admission letter, motivational letter, and any medical report that you need to have with you. 

They are essential because they will allow you to open a bank account in Norway, rent a room, and get a job. It is very important to not forget to check all your personal documents before shifting to Norway for their availability. Your visa and passport should not expire while you are in Norway. 

Devices – Help for Papers Writing

Getting an education is not an easy thing, but it is a process that helps you develop more. The next thing on our list is represented by devices and gadgets. Depending on the country you come from, you may need a socket adapter, to be sure you will be able to charge your devices.

Do not forget your smartphone, laptop, headphones, kindle, tablet, and any other device you usually use when learning and studying. One of the most popular tasks in university is writing essays, assignments, papers, group projects, case studies, and many more.

So, one will surely need to write my paper and this process will be easier if you have all the tools necessary. If you need paper writing help, there is a paper writing service that offers helpful resources for international students. 

Proper Clothes and Shoes 

One of the things that international students that are coming to Norway should not forget is the weather here. Norway is a Nordic country, which means that the weather is chillier here than in other countries.

It is important to be aware of this, as there are students that come from Asia, where the weather is hot during the whole year. Well, it depends on the region of Norway you will be living in too. For example, the Eastern part of the country has warm summers and cold winters, while the Western part has cool summers and mild winters.

So, it is better to be prepared for temperatures of about -7°C during winter, and about 18.4°C during summer. Make sure you have windbreakers, jackets, sweaters, boots, and other winter clothes. They are among the essentials. 

The slope of Galdhøpiggen mount in Jotunheimen National Park in Norway. Cold summer in Scandinavia

Personal Care Items 

To make your stay in Norway as comfortable as possible, you could take your care items with you. Depending on the size of your luggage, consider taking your creams, toothbrush, and other personal care items that will help you feel more comfortable in a foreign country.

Over time, you will surely learn more about their culture and you will identify the right products for you. Norway is known for its excellence in designing and creating beauty and personal care products, so you will surely have a wide diversity of options there. But for the start, take your products with you. 

Good Vibes 

Shifting to Norway as a student can be a nice and scary experience at the same time, especially if you do this on your own and without any friends joining you.

However, this experience can turn out to be an enlightening one, if you keep your mind open and your good vibes with you. You will surely experience many changes in your lifestyle and thinking patterns here, so it is nice to be aware of this and be expectant and positive about the future. 

It is important to know that you will probably experience some difficulties too. In the Northern part of Norway, the sun can be seen only from late April to August, so this might upset your schedule.

Thankfully, you will get help with your assignments and hopefully, you will be 100% satisfied with paper writing service, which will surely please you. And this will help you navigate the waters of being a student in Norway with success. 


Being a student in Norway can turn out to be an enlightening experience. There are some things you should not forget to bring with you. Your personal documents, passport, and visa, your devices, and gadgets, proper clothes, and shoes. And, of course, your good vibes, hopes, and dreams for the future. 

Bio lines: Vendy Adams is a fabulous content writer. She is passionate about traveling and Norway is her favorite country. Vendy shares advice to all people who are interested in moving here.

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