The Truth About My Life in Norway… and Dealing with Negativity

Today I had someone comment in a rather negative manner on my blog, and then proceed to call me the Bergen ‘Bitch’ on Twitter.  I don’t think she was 12, but I’m not sure… and I live in Oslo, not Bergen.  Negative comments happen frequently (God bless the haters), but what transpired from the conversation is what caused me to write this post.  Later on in the conversation, someone said I was more or less inaccurately portraying Norway by the overly optimistic way I write about the country.  Prepare to be shocked…

My life in Norway is pretty good.

I know, it’s hard to swallow.  True, it could be better with the likings of Mexican food, Dr. Pepper, and a cheaper cost of living, but nevertheless, it is not too shabby.  My education is marketing (undergrad) and International Business focus (MBA).  I am not qualified, nor do I care enough, to discuss on a blog the problems that occur in Norway in a political or philosophical manner.  I also do not tend to dwell on these in my personal life.  My blog is a reflection of my time here, but mostly of the places I travel to.  I get several emails from people moving to Norway… and I can honestly say I don’t think these people are stupid enough to think that Norway is a country with no problems.  The problems are imminent and very easy to see… but my blog is not the place I want to address these problems.  My blog is the place I want to address my problems with finding Pureology products and Coke Zero Vanilla at a reasonable price…but not politics, social welfare, etc.  Superficial?  Maybe.

I post a lot of photos and sometimes not a lot of words.  Is that wrong?  Because it is my blog…and last time I checked…I kind of follow my own rules.  It doesn’t make it wrong that I don’t use every post to complain about life in Norway.  Living here, I have food, water, shelter, clothes, and a sense of security… so in reality, I don’t have much to complain about.  I am living a new adventure, one I want to make the most of, so just because I spend my free time here enjoying the outdoors or trying foods I think are disgusting (yall know I have issues with Norwegian food) and not dwelling on the negative, doesn’t mean I am in the wrong.

I am also not here to do a heavily in-depth cultural analysis on the US vs. Norway.  I am also not here to sugarcoat what really goes on in my life here in Norway.  What I am here to do is share my passions, which certainly include traveling, give a little detail to family back in the US so that they know I am alive, and act as a resource to those potentially living the expat life… whether it be in Norway or somewhere else in the world.  If someone solely uses my documentations and ideologies about the country to mold their own opinions, then shame on them.  But should they really listen to others?  What was ever wrong with someone forming their OWN opinions and views of a place?  If people are not mature enough to do this… then shame on me for portraying Norway in an overly optimistic way as I have done.

Goodness!  Negativity is contagious isn’t it?!

To all of you blogging out there…write what you want to write.  If people want to read, they’ll read.  If people don’t like what you write, they’ll leave negative comments (remember their lives don’t get much better than this), and continue to read.  Or the mature ones will just realize your blog is not for them and carry on.  But either way… it is your blog.  Your content is yours.  Just because someone calls your blog superficial, or an inaccurate portrayal of life in a certain country, doesn’t mean they are right… it probably just means they are a Negative Nancy and can’t appreciate diversity and unique POVs on the web.

And remember…for every Negative Nancy out there, you will encounter 50 people who support you and want you to succeed.  Let those 50 do nothing short of inspire the hell out of you.

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Keep doing what you’re doing. The negative comments stink and should really be ignored. I have to know though…Coke Zero Vanilla? You really need that vanilla? ;)

thanks diana <3

yes i NEED that vanilla!! haha :) i can find it here, but it is $7/can! NO JOKE!!!!

Vanesa de la Puente

Wow…sugar free red bull and vanilla coke zero are MY drinks!! I really am wondering if I could ever give up life in the US…

haha!!!! well, good news, all these years later they have both! expensive, but both are here. and i rarely drink either anymore :)

I love you! I will comment more in-depth about this in a minute after I go fill up my cup with a 54 cent coke zero from our work cafeteria. I kid you not. Don’t hate me!

that was the biggest slap in the face of my entire april, lindsey.

Haters gonna hate. Keep doing your thing, girl.

thanks love <3

I hear you. There are political and cultural blogs out there. Blogs just have POVs, that’s all.

P.S. Cute dog! Is that a beagle?


thanks so much…yes, he is a beagle/harrier mix. :) he is my best bud!

I love this, so much. God forbid you actually post about things that are close to you. Personally, I love reading your blog and hearing about all the different things you post about!

thanks so much maria!!!! <3 that makes me smile!

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