A Nature-Lover Living in Nesoya

As most of yall know, I recently moved to Oslo.  However, I am not really living in Oslo just yet.  I am a bit outside the city on a small island called Nesøya.  Nesøya can be the biggest pain in the butt some days when I realize there are only 5 buses leaving the island on Sundays, but on most other days, I adore this place.  It is too peaceful and inconvenient for me to remain here for the long-term, but for now I’m enjoying every moment I spend here.  My roommate here, Kata, recently showed me a cool little area where a bridge connects Nesøya to another island, Brønnøya.  This area has kind of turned in to my local ‘happy spot’ where I go to relax and enjoy the beautiful landscape.

I can’t wait to move to Oslo at some point, but for now, I will enjoy these beautiful views and the fresh air!

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Vanisha @ Vanishas Life In...Australia

Oh Megan that looks like a perfect happy spot! I’m so glad you’ve found a special little place. Enjoy your vacation, I can’t wait to hear about what you get up to! <3

Holy cow, that really DOES look like the perfect “Happy spot.”
Glad you’re loving where you are!

So beautiful here! Hope you’re having a great time on vacation!

Looks gorgeous – great photos!
Ps. High five for hiking boots with pink lipstick ;)

beautiful pictures!

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