Right Where I’m Meant to Be in Oslo

When I was in my very early 20s, I lived in Wichita Falls, Texas and had the time of my life.  After making the most of my time in Wichita Falls, a city many people I was with loathed, I often boasted to people, “I can live anywhere in this world and have a good time.”

I like to think of places I have lived as people I have dated.  Some of the cities have been boring (Dayton, Ohio and Biloxi, Mississippi), some have been spicy and saucy (San Antonio, Texas), and some have been just downright irresistible (Richmond, Virginia).  And some cities, like Wichita Falls, may not really fit into any categorization but simply were just the ‘right city at the right time’.

Bergen was one of those cities.  Bergen is beautiful.  Bergen is charming.  Bergen was a great place for me to get to know the country of Norway better.  But at the end of the day, Bergen wasn’t the right guy for me.  But Bergen was the right guy at the right time.

Me in Bergen

Had it not been for that city in western Norway, I would never in a million years have thought I was capable of going outside when it was raining.  I also would never have picked up that crazy Bergensk dialect as opposed to the Oslo one (not sure how engrained the Bergensk dialect is in me and it will probably change quickly living in Oslo again).  If I hadn’t lived in Bergen I probably would not have had the opportunity to try, and enjoy, pinnekjøtt as a Christmas meal.  I made friends in that city that are so near and dear to my heart and I wouldn’t trade those friendships for the world.  But Bergen and I weren’t in it for the long haul.  It was kind of a mutual separation I like to think.

Since moving (back) to Oslo, I get daily reminders from people living in Bergen pointing out “Bergen’s prettier” or “Look! It’s raining in Oslo today…doesn’t that suck?” and all I can say is “Yes, it is raining and yes, Bergen is prettier”.  But at the end of the day, it is about what feels right to a person and Oslo doesn’t just feel right for me.  It feels perfect.

Me in Oslo

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Comments (52)

Yay! Happy you are happy!

thanks so much girl!! yea i really like it here. not that i didnt like it in bergen…but oslo just suits me better.

Love this!! And, obviously I love that you called the RVA “irresistible”! :) You look and seem so happy…makes me very happy for you! xoxo

heck yea…our little city is one of the best places ive ever been. i might be biased, but i still think its pretty kickass!

I just love your blog! I love reading about your travels and you are a great writer!

thank you so much <3

Love this! I’m a firm believer in God using the right places and people for the right times in our lives. :)


absolutely tiffany :) bergen taught me so much about norway and about myself and i wouldnt trade that in for anything…but moving on was necessary.

Oh I love this post! I can completely relate to how you feel about Bergen (but to where I live), and good for you for appreciating it for what it did for you :)

thanks sara :) one of these days im heading your way to get to know your little villages ;)

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