A Day Trip from Split to Krka National Park

I can’t count the times over the years where someone has told me their ultimate bucket list item was to go to Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia.  If I had a dime for every time someone told me that, I could probably buy a nice chunk of land near the national park, in fact.  Seeing Pinterest board after Pinterest board of Plitvice actually had the opposite effect on me; it left me with very little desire to go.  My ‘list’ (that is mental) includes volcano spotting on the Kamchatka peninsula or eating piri-piri chicken with locals in Mozambique.  Maybe kayaking around the Kenai Fjords in Alaska.  Or surfing in Florianopolis, Brazil.  It never contained a trip to Plitvice.  But, as an advocate of traveling to places you don’t really want to go to, I went to Plitvice’s less-traveled little sister, Krka National Park with some friends.  It was the perfect day trip with a car from Split (and is well connected with transfers from other parts of Croatia) and a much-needed escape into Croatia’s breathtaking natural scenery.

Krka National Park in Croatia

The drive from Split wasn’t too long (around 1 hour and 15 minutes with no stops), but Krka was much harder to locate than we had expected.  We stopped nearby close to Skradin for a quick lunch and information on getting to the park.  The views of Skradin blew me away so much that we could have gone into the town and I’m sure I wouldn’t have been disappointed.

Skradin, Croatia near Krka National Park

After entering the park, which costs adults anywhere from $10-15 (depending on the season), we were free to walk about and explore the forests before eventually ending up at the famous waterfalls.

Having gone there in April, I was completely shocked at how empty the park was compared to other parks I had been to throughout Europe.  Krka is certainly no secret, but it definitely isn’t teeming with tourists like the hellish photos I have seen of Plitvice.  It made my escape into nature surprisingly and rather… peaceful.

Krka National Park in Croatia

Krka National Park in Croatia
Me at Krka National Park in Croatia

Krka National Park in Croatia

We spent a better half of our day at Krka exploring and taking in the fresh air.  This post isn’t one with tips or stories or anything titillating, but I can state that sometimes it pays to go to a place you have little desire to visit, even if it is her lesser-known waterfall sister.

<Shortest post ever.  I kind of like writing a post that takes me ten minutes instead of eight hours on occasion.>

A recap from a day trip from Split to Krka National Park in Croatia

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You know, I went to Kravice Falls (similar to Krka and Plitvice) in Herzegovina last December, and didn’t think much of it either. It’s a nice place to go if there are no people around, but when it’s crazy busy, it’s the kind of place that is first to get the nix from my itinerary. I actually have a post I’ve been meaning to publish on Herzegovina that doesn’t even mention the place, it left that little of an impression.

Also, speaking of Mozambique, I am dying to go there!

I totally understand you there! Kravice looks nice in photos, though. As horrible as this sounds, when I think of Plitvice, I think of students who study abroad in Europe having that as their #1 place they want to see before they head back home. If someone tells me their number one place to visit (or close to it) is Plitvice or Lake Bled, I usually know it is not someone I have a lot in common with as a traveler (which is totally fine as we are all different). I am sure it is beautiful, as Krka was, but it definitely doesn’t rank as one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen (by a long shot). The nature was much needed though- as it always is for me :P Certainly happy I had the opportunity to see it.

Incidentally, Bill Gates likes to visit Skradin & Krka Falls, too.
At least according to this Web page:


And I’ll admit I spend a week at Lake Bled each year.
Still haven’t seen & done everything there is to see & do there, so I guess I’ll just keep on visiting.

i guess im in good company then :)

id love to spend time hiking at lake bled sometime. the scenery that surrounds the area is INSANE.

I really wish I had made it to Krka last year when I was living in Croatia! As always, beautiful photos and I love all the information! :)

thanks so much jordan!! yea it really was a nice and nature-filled day trip!

Beautiful! I don’t know much about Croatia but I really should look more into it. There’s so much about that part of the world that I just know nothing about.

croatia is certainly beautiful, but very discovered. i know there are many places that are still a bit hidden though- one day ill uncover them all!

That town looks so cute!

i would have been completely content just stopping off there and exploring :)

It’s the time of year you went. Krka is packed in July/ August just as Plitvice is. If you went to Plitvice in April you will find its not busy either. The tourist season really starts to take of in mid May to mid September in Croatia. As for hidden gems Croatia has them everywhere do much so that I have now visited this stunning country numerous times from Australia. Please Google image Rastoke the village on Waterfalls, the beautiful small city of Sibenik, Island Murter and the Kornati archipelago and the cute town of Betina. Primosten and Rogoznica . Up north you can’t miss island Losinj, island Krk, Opatilja, Rovinj and Motovun. Oh and The island of Vis where Mama Mia 2 is now being filmed and Pucisca on the island of Brac.

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