Twilight Sights in Kalama, Washington

I would definitely be lying if I said I had read all four Twilight books (there could be five for all I know).  I read the first on a vacation in 2009 and attempted to read the second one in Spanish.  Attempted.  I never read beyond that.  I did see the first three movies, however (haven’t seen Breaking Dawn yet).

So, one time I was in a Fred Meyer in Beaverton, Oregon just wandering around and came across this book about the real “Forks, Washington” and what it was like.  I kind of skimmed through it halfheartedly, but did somehow catch the fact that the school from the original Twilight movie was in Kalama, Washington.  No idea where that was, but it was a fact well-noted.

As I left the Portland area and proceeded to drive straight up to Seattle, I paid little attention to road signs…until I came up on one that read “Kalama”.  I am pretty sure that I probably squealed with excitement for the sole purpose of having heard that name in recent days.  There is nothing I love more on road trips that having a reason to stop at a tiny exit and search for something familiar.

The exit was seriously the smallest one I have ever got off of and I was certain this was the wrong Kalama, but surely enough, it was not.  I came right up on the school where some of the movie was shot.

Kalama, Washington and the school from Twilight
Kalama, Washington and the school from Twilight
Kalama, Washington and the school from Twilight
Kalama, Washington and the school from Twilight's parking lot
Kalama, Washington and the school from Twilight

Now I am definitely not one who enjoys many movie set locations or filming places or any of that nonsense, but I definitely found this to be kind of cool because it was something I stumbled upon throughout a road trip.

Have you ever been to a random place outside of the LA area where a movie was shot?   

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That’s so awesome! I read all the twilight books, but haven’t seen any of the movies. Still, it’s so fun to stumble upon little unplanned adventures or detours :)


My friend Julia was Angelina Jolie’s neighbor in Venice. I have never seen “The Tourist” but I have seen the house she lived in. :)

ha, very cool! It’s so weird to see “The Fred Meyer in Beaverton, Oregon” on a blog- ha, so funny. There are 2 and I’m so curious which one you were at….

but anyway, yes, I want to drive up and see this. My girlfriend and I keep saying we’re going to head there for a road trip but haven’t done it yet. I would love to see it too. Very cool you stumbled upon it on your own.

when you come up it is Exit 30 … turn right at the stop go all the way up the hill you will be at the school… Small town Big heart

Yeah I cannot stand Twilight, but that is pretty dang cool. I’ve always wanted to be on the exact Hawaiian beach were LOST was filmed.

Hahahahaha, this is awesome! How fun that you just happened to stumble upon this!

I went and visited my bro in Portland and we went to a few a places where they have filmed the TV show “Grimm”. It was pretty cool!

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