Hiking in Norway is the Best

I’ve always enjoyed hiking and exploring.  But in the US, I was the only one of my friends who did so.  When I would tell my friend Amber I was going hiking for the day, the response I would get was, “Ew”.    Therefore, most hikes I made were on my own.  In Norway, everyone appreciates nature and it is not unusual to spend time with your friends by going on a hike.  I love this.

Norwegians are evidently taught from an early age the importance of putting yourself in nature and building a bond with it.  My friends here tell me about all of the hikes that they went on from the time they were in Kindergarten (the equivalent of like pre-K daycare more or less in the US) until they became teenagers.  Their schools would take the kids on mountain hikes or just places to sit and relax in the beautiful Norwegian nature.  I’m sure a mountain hike in the US with a school would somehow result in a major lawsuit, sadly enough.

Anyways, being in Norway provides me with ample opportunity to enjoy nature and go on hikes.  There are trails everywhere.  You can coastal hike, mountain hike, glacier hike, forest hike…so many options!  Just recently my dog and I went on a nice 5-hour hike around Liafjellet, where we live (it only takes 45 minutes to hike to the top… so we hiked to the top and around just to remain outdoors on a pretty day).

I have been on some major hikes since moving to Norway, but there are a few I still desire to go on here in and around Hordaland (the county I live in when I’m staying in Bergen).  By this summer I probably will have done all three.

1.  Trolltunga.  I was looking at doing this one this weekend, but it is still too cold there (ice and snow) and it is really not a hike for a pup.  And the pup really is yearning for a good mountain hike.  This one is a bit too dangerous for him.  Trolltunga, like the hike in Kjerag, Norway, is one of Norway’s most famous.


2.  Folgefonna Glacier.  I have been to this glacier before.  But I am going back to actually hike the glacier at some point.  Hopefully this June…


3.  Hardangervidda.  This one is totally pup friendly.  It is Europe’s largest mountain plateau and can be known for its harsh weather and ridiculously unique landscape, as it is situated above the tree-line.  It just looks like a barren landscape… one that I want to enjoy firsthand.  I have only been on roads across/around it, so it will be nice to enjoy by foot.  Hoping to do this one in June or late July, after I make a little visit to the US.


Do you enjoy hiking?  If so, do you have a favorite past hike or one you plan to go on?

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I like hiking too (well, now, after heavy influence from my husband). The best hike we ever went on was in Zermatt, Switzerland. We didn’t go near the Matterhorn, um we’re not that crazy. I mean skilled. Instead we hiked from Rotenboden Railway station to the Monte Rosa Hütte over the Gorner Glacier. It was scary, exhausting yet beautiful!

oh i think hiking in the alps is just incredible!!! i hope to get to do it again soon…maybe ill have to try zermatt! :)

Oh my gosh, I so need to hike there! Those places look amazing!!

if you’re ever in norway we can definitely do them together!

Tee, Passports and Postcards

All these places are amazing- who wouldn’t want to hike there!? My family and I lived in Oslo for a few years in the 90s and we used to walk around Holmenkollen all the time.

Have a good weekend!

so beautiful! i love the nature here and just cant get enough of it!

I SO wish there was more of an appreciation for hiking here!!

yea there certainly is NOT. we should start a revolution haha

Man! Daring much? You go girl! This makes me want to go on an adventure. Come to Utah and I will take you around, we have some amazing hikes and rock climbs!

utah is in a league of its own! simply gorgeous out there!

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