How to Get to Baku Olympic Stadium in Azerbaijan in 2022

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Baku, Azerbaijan has become the host for so many large scale events in recent years.  From the Formula-1 Races to the UEFA Europa League Final in 2019, the Azeri capital and Caucasus region is finally getting the attention it deserves. 

This is a guide detailing how to get to Baku Olympic Stadium from Baku City Center, the airport, and the railway station.  

How to Get to Baku Olympic Stadium in 2022

Opened in 2015, the impressive 68,700-seater stadium is home to the Azerbaijan National football team and built to a standard to host athletic events.

The modern, sleek design includes a well-maintained pitch with an athletics track surrounding it and is the 20th largest stadium in Europe.

Unlike many football pitches with an athletics track on the outside, the atmosphere is palpable. The outside of the stadium changes color depending on events and teams and looks spectacular at night.

The stadium is located around 11km from the Old City nestled on the shores of Lake Boyukshor.

There are plenty of ways to get to the Baku National Stadium and this guide will detail them out for you to relieve any of the stress and ensure you have a great day out at the stadium.

Baku Olympic Stadium 3
How to get to Baku Olympic Stadium

Taxi Apps in Baku

There are a few taxi apps available in Baku to use. Obviously, this requires getting an Azerbaijan SIM Card (which I detail in my post about what to know before you travel to Baku) first or using your usual roaming plan.

I only used Uber when I was in Baku, to be honest. It was easy and affordable. Bolt, formerly Taxify, is also available and highly recommended. Yandex Taxi is NOT available in Baku.  Click here for our Baku taxi guide.

Click here to download Uber for iOS | Click here to download Uber for Android 

Click here to download Bolt for iOS | Click here to download Bolt for Android

Get a BakuCard (BakıKART)

For all the public transport options you will need the BakuCard, or BakıKART, to pay for your rides. The BakuCard can be picked up from the kiosks for a small non-refundable fee. This is DIFFERENT than the BakuCard that is a city card (same names though)!

You will need to top up the BakuCard with cash at these some kiosks. Apart from the airport bus, all rides around the city cost 0.30AZN ($0.17). If you have to make multiple connections, you will need to pay for each connection separately.

Click here to read more about getting a BakuCard (and Tariff Points)

In general, from most places in the city, the easiest option to get to the stadium is via the metro with both lines going more or less to the stadium with the closest stop being Koroghlu Street.

From there, it is around a 20-minute walk to the stadium. There may also be direct bus routes heading from your hotel and it is best to ask at reception for these options.

I have detailed below how to get to the Baku Olympic Stadium from three main points in Baku: the Baku Railway Station, the Baku Old City, and the Baku Airport.

Reaching Baku Olympic Stadium from the Railway Station


Getting to the Baku Stadium from the Railway Station is very simple. Head to the metro station 28 May, which is about a six-minute walk from the central train station.

From the metro station, you can take either the red or green metro lines in the direction of Hazi Aslanov and get off at Koroghlu Metro Station.

Koroghlu is the 4th stop from 28th May and the ride lasts for 14 minutes. Once you reach Koroghlu Station, you will need to walk to the stadium, which takes around 20 minutes.

The route has signs but just follow the crowd there. The metro ride will set you back a grand sum of 0.30AZN ($0.17).


There is also a bus option available to the stadium, which departs from outside of 28th May Metro station. You will need to get Bus 11 in the direction Yeni Akhmedli and then get off at Koroghlu Street.

This is 17 stops and takes around 21 minutes when traffic is not backed up. From the Koroghlu Street stop, you will need to walk the rest of the way to the stadium.

The walk takes around 20 minutes and it has signs to help. The journey costs 0.30AZN ($0.17) and will need to be paid using the BakuCard.

As the bus departs from the same location as the metro, I advise taking the metro over the bus. Definitely leave a bit earlier on a game day as the traffic may make the journey take longer.

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If you want to arrive at the stadium in comfort and without having to endure the crowds on public transport, then taking a taxi is a great way of getting to the stadium.

You can either hail a cab from the street or order a taxi from one of the many taxi apps.

If you hail a cab from the street, you need to negotiate a price before getting in the taxi. The fare should be around 20AZN ($12), otherwise, make sure the taxi has its meter running. With taxi apps, the price will be set and often cheaper than regular taxis.

Keep in mind that during big events, the apps tend to increase their prices. Traffic to the stadium will be heady so the journey may take longer than the standard 17 minutes it takes to travel to the stadium on an average day.

Getting back from the stadium by taxi will also be a challenge due to the high volume of people leaving the area along with really bad traffic conditions.

On Foot

For those wanting to take in some sites and exercise on their way to the stadium, you could walk there. The walk is around 5.8 miles (9.3km) and takes around 2 hours with no stops.

If like me, you risk getting lost. Severely lost. Make sure you have a good map downloaded!  This may be a good time to tick some things off of your Baku itinerary.

By Car

If you plan to drive yourself to the stadium, there is only very limited parking around the stadium and most is reserved for VIPs.

Parking on side streets and areas around the stadium is not recommended and could be rather risky. I highly advise leaving the car in the city and taking public transport to the stadium.

Getting to Baku Olympic Stadium from the Old City (Icherisheher)


To reach the Baku Olympic Stadium from the Old City (Icherischeher), the metro is the quickest and easiest way. From the historic Old City and where some of the best restaurants in Baku are located, head to the station Icharishahar.

From the station, you need to get the Red Line (it’s the only one available from here) to Koroghlu Station, in the direction of Hazi Aslanov.

Koroghlu is 18 minutes and 6 stops from Icharishahar. Once you arrive at Koroghlu, you will have around a 20-minute walk to the stadium.

The walk is well-posted and there will be plenty of crowds heading that way so it will be near impossible to get lost. The metro fare to the stadium will be 0.30AZN ($0.17).


Getting the bus to the Baku Olympic Stadium is rather complicated and involves several changes along the way. The route with the fewest number of changes is as follows:

From the Baku Old City, you will need to walk to the bus stop ‘State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic’ and take the Number 5 bus in the direction of Nariman Narimonov Street. You will get off the bus at Middle School No39.

This, pending there is normal traffic, should take around 15 minutes and is 11 stops. Once you reach Middle School No39, you will need to wait for the Number 11 Bus heading in the direction Yeni Akhmedi.

Once on the No. 11 bus, you will need to take it to Koroghlu Street which takes around 15 minutes in standard traffics and is a further 11 stops.

Once you reach Koroghlu st. you must walk the final part to the stadium (20 minutes). The way to the stadium is well-posted and there will be plenty of people heading that way. As you will need to take two separate bus journeys the trip will cost 0.60AZN ($0.34).


If you are wanting to avoid crowded public transport options, you can choose to take a taxi from the old town to the stadium. This is not the most affordable option but you will arrive in comfort.

You can either hail a taxi down off of the street or if you have an Azeri SIM Card, you can use a taxi app that I detail in one of the first paragraphs.

If you plan to hail a taxi from the street, you will need to insist that they put the meter on or negotiate the price. If you negotiate the price, you should be looking to pay somewhere in the region of 20AZN ($12).

For metered taxis, be wary that high traffic levels heading towards the stadium could push the price up as you will have to wait around. If you use a taxi app, the price should be cheaper than a standard taxi, but during events, these apps tend to raise the prices and it may end up costing more than usual.

Heading back from the stadium is more complicated as the traffic and large volume of people make getting a taxi a challenge, so you will either need to wait around for the traffic to clear or take the metro back.

On Foot

If you have plenty of time to spare before the game and feel like walking to the stadium and taking in the sites as you go, then the stadium is a 7.4 mile (11.9km) walk from the old town and it will take around two and half hours with no stops.

Be sure to have a phone with maps available if you plan to walk to the stadium as it is easy to get lost. If you get tired of walking, there are plenty of metro stations along the route which can take you the rest of the way.

By Car

Driving yourself to the stadium is highly inadvisable. There is very limited parking in the area and parking in the surrounding area could be risky. You will also end up stuck in large amounts of traffic after the game. I would recommend leaving your car at your hotel and taking the metro to the stadium.

Baku Olympic Stadium 2

Getting to Baku Olympic Stadium From Baku Airport

By Bus

There is no metro servicing the airport, so if you plan to take public transport, your only option is the Airport Express Bus. Thankfully, the Airport Express Bus stops at Koroghlu Street. To take the bus from the airport, you will need to purchase a BakuCard from the kiosk and load some money onto the card.

There are kiosks available to purchase the BakuCard from, however, I ‘think’ that these are only available in Azeri and Russian, so you will need to get a local to help you navigate the kiosk.

The BakuCard itself cost 2AZN ($1.10) and you will then need to purchase a bus ticket also which costs 1.30AZN ($0.77).

To use the machines, you will need local currency as they do not accept card. This bus runs every 30 minutes and the journey time is around 18 minutes.

Once you are at Koroghlu Street, it is a 20-minute walk to the stadium, which is well-posted and there will be plenty of people heading there which you can follow.

Click here to read more about Baku Airport Transfers.

By Taxi

Taking a taxi to the stadium from the airport is another option. There are several taxi services which operate from the airport and will happily take you to the stadium.

If you are arriving right around game time and want a direct transfer, Taxi Tender is a fantastic option as they will prearrange everything for you and have all confirmed beforehand.

The driver will track your flight information and be sure to be waiting for you when your flight arrives, with a sign with your name on it. If you are struggling to get through customs you will also be able to contact your driver directly or via Taxi Tender’s 24-hour hotline.

The price for this service will really depend on which time of day you plan to take it as the cost does fluctuate, but once you have paid online and have your voucher, the price is set and you will not be charged any additional money.  Click here to check out our guide to taking taxis in Baku.

Alternatively, you can take one of the official cabs (which look like London Hackney Carriage but are white). These will be queued up outside of the airport and an operator at the taxi stand will inform you of the price. You can pay by card or cash with these taxis.

There will also be other taxis offering you rides into town, however, you will need to haggle with these drivers and they can often charge a lot more especially when it comes to driving foreigners. You should aim for a fare of around 25AZN ($14), although this may take a while to haggle for.

You can also order Ubers from the airport which are significantly cheaper than using taxi companies and the price is set beforehand with special rates from the airport being in place. However, you will need Wi-Fi and an Uber account to use this service. The airport has free Wi-Fi available and there are generally cars available at short notice.

By Car

If you are hiring a car for your time in Baku, I advise driving straight to your hotel and taking public transportation to the stadium.

Parking around the stadium is really limited and often impossible to find. After the event, it will also be difficult to leave the area by car as there are often high volumes of traffic after the games as well as plenty of people in the area.

I hope this helps you get to the Baku Olympic Stadium from various parts of the city and that you enjoy your time in the Azeri capital city! Below are additional resources that may help you plan your trip to the brilliant city of Baku.

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