Dubai’s Unusual Hidden Gems and Activities

Dubai is world famous for its extravagant heights, leading shops and for breaking a few world records. The city boasts the world’s tallest building, the largest shopping malls, and the tallest hotel. Although many tourists visit Dubai for a shopping splurge or to try out some of the world’s leading exotic dining venues, there is more to Dubai than first meets the eye. From beaches to theme-parks, the city offers an array of hidden gems for those wanting a break from indoors. Here are a few unusual activities and ideas of what to do in Dubai this weekend.

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The World’s longest Zip Wire

For those with a fear of heights, Dubai may not be the ideal holiday destination. But, if you are a thrill seeker looking for something extra special to do in Dubai this weekend, it’s worth checking out the XLine. It runs between skyscrapers in Jumeirah and, at a kilometer long, it is the longest zip wire of its kind on the planet.

Dubai Miracle Garden

Taking a stroll through Dubai’s Miracle Garden is the perfect afternoon event for those wanting to escape the city heat. Located in the district of Dubailand, the park was opened on Valentines’ Day in 2013. Although the garden is the perfect date destination, you don’t have to be in love to enjoy the endless flower sculptures and horticultural triumphs.

Skiing in Dubai

Dubai is hot. Very hot. And that’s why Ski Dubai’s 22,500 square meters indoor skiing slope makes both perfect sense and no sense at all. Escaping the summer heat, visitors can ski, snowboard, or toboggan in temperatures of -4°C. Dubai is also home to a few ice bars, so if you love the snow, you can pretty much spend the day as if you were in the Alps and not the desert.

Try some of the world’s flashiest ice-cream

Dining in Dubai is an experience like no other. There are thousands of restaurants serving hundreds of cuisines from across the world. Restaurants cater for almost every need, want, or craving – if there’s a worldly cuisine you want to try, consider Dubai your food heaven. With great food accessible across the city, there is everything from American food to oriental delights available. Food is perhaps the most talked about accessory of the city and some outlets have gone to great lengths to create a little something extra for your dining experience. Scoopi offers customers sparkle with every ice-cream scoop. The black diamond dessert comes with a 23-carat gold topping, so it’s no wonder it is the most expensive ice-cream in the country. A must for any serious foodie, but not for the frugal with their average dessert going for around $600.

As with many cities across the world, Dubai exceeds its reputation. Yes, there are tall buildings, fancy cars, and millions of shops, but the city has much more to offer both locals and tourists than just expensive treats. If you’re looking for something to do this weekend in Dubai, stay off the beaten track and scratch at a few of the region’s up-and-coming experiences.

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