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Low Budget Escapade In Russia: The Cheapest Places To Visit

Kazan, Russia Hotels and where to stay

Having a limited budget for traveling shouldn’t stop you from visiting the very historical country of Russia. We often read about Russia in history books, and we know how ancient their country is. Traveling to Russia before was a costly choice, but when the ruble started to devalue, Russian escapades had become affordable, especially to […]

Everything You Need to Know Before Visiting Madrid for The First Time

Madrid – the capital of Spain is not your average European city. It is sophisticated, modern and still wonderfully traditional. One of the greatest cities in Europe, Madrid is full of rich culture, history and is a destination which caters to all kinds of tastes.  From a wide range of hostels which are suited for […]

7 Money Saving Tips for Budget Backpacking in Cambodia

budget backpacking tips for cambodia

Budget backpacking in Cambodia should be on the agenda of anyone travelling around South East Asia (SEA). Rich in culture, history, beauty and general intrigue, it is simply an awesome place to explore. But, relatively speaking, it isn’t the cheapest place to travel in this part of the world. Read on for 7 money saving […]

How to Get From Kuala Lumpur to Singapore by Bus

After spending copious amounts of time waiting on or using public transportation in Thailand, I was surprisingly quite anxious to get down into Malaysia and Singapore, where I knew public transportation operated in a more efficient manner. Therefore, I had no reservations when it came to booking a bus ticket as opposed to a plane […]