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Atlas Mountains Uncovered – What Not To Miss During Your Toubkal Trek

Atlas Mountains Uncovered – What Not To Miss During Your Toubkal Trek donkey

The Atlas Mountains are one of the world’s most underrated mountain ranges. Spanning Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria, these mountains are wide-ranging and simply stunning. A light dusting of snow on the top of the mountains compliments their fairy tale appearance, but also adds an extra element of difficulty to hikers. Mount Toubkal in the Moroccan Atlas […]

Azerbaijan Travel: 5 Reasons You Should Visit Azerbaijan

Nestled right in the middle of Turkey, Russia, and Iran, Azerbaijan is a cultural blend of both East and West. Known as the land of fire, the country gives you a flavor of both modernism and traditional at the same time. Azerbaijan is not exactly known for tourism and it is not the first destination […]

10 Off-the-Path Places in the Baltic Countries That You Must Visit

I have been a long time fan of the Baltic countries.  I have spent several months of my life traveling throughout the region, but like any traveler, I have my favorite spots and I always venture back to those familiar places.  Interestingly enough, many people venture to this area of Northern Europe to hit up […]

10 Reasons to Fall in Love with Ireland in 3 Days

Ireland may be a small country, but thanks to an extensive diaspora, its reputation has travelled around the world. Perched on the corner of the North Atlantic, this small island has produced an impressive selection of poets, musicians and writers. But there’s a lot more than just the arts and beautiful castle hotels in Ireland, […]

Käringsund, Åland Islands: An Unspoiled Fishing Harbor on Eckerö


The Åland Islands have been on my list for several years and for no specific reason why except that they look peaceful and like the ideal refuge from city life.  There was also this uniqueness about them that left me fascinated and I would often take to Google to randomly research the islands and their history.  […]