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5 Incredible Destinations in Scandinavia for the Northern Lights

Abisko Northern Lights

Are you looking for the best Scandinavia northern lights destinations? This guide showcases the best destinations in Scandinavia to see the northern lights – let us know your favorite places to see them! Wonderful and inspiring, Scandinavia is one of the most amazing travel destinations, capturing the hearts and minds of travel enthusiasts from all […]

30 Magerøya Photos to Ignite Your Arctic Wanderlust

Magerøya photos to inspire your trip there

At the very top of the world sits the treeless and dramatically harsh island of Magerøya.  While it is better known as being the island where North Cape is located, this Norwegian island is an absolute stunner.   Its otherworldly landscapes will blow your mind.  Photos can’t even do Magerøya justice.  After traveling extensively throughout Norway […]

Azores Photos That Will Inspire You To Finally Book That Trip!

Photos are often the first thing that captivates someone’s mind and lures them into visiting a destination. The Azores were no different for me.  Most travelers think that an Azores vacation is completely out of reach and something that can not be done easily.  More flights exist to the Azores now than ever before and […]

10 Iconic (and Beautiful!) Lighthouses in Maine

Cape Elizabeth Lighthouse in ME

Some things that Maine is known for are lobster, gorgeous coastal towns, and the state’s beautiful lighthouses. These are some of the gorgeous lighthouses in Maine (and some facts about each)! Did we miss any amazing Maine lighthouses worth visiting or learning about? Let us know in the comments! Thanks! Cape Elizabeth Lighthouse aka Portland Head […]