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Slavutych, Ukraine: The Soviet City Built for Chernobyl Refugees

Housing block in Slavutych, Ukraine

I have witnessed the Chernobyl disaster go from being a globally-recognized mass tragedy to a clichéd source of trite tourism where travelers go in with their cameras hugging their hips, all ready to shoot the perfect photo (which has inevitably been taken 3,790 times already that same month) for bragging rights about how they visited such a creepy […]

26 Bucket-List Places to Visit in Montana (+ Map!)

Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area

Montana is one of the most scenic and diverse states in the US. These are the best places to visit in Montana – a mix of cities, nature, parks, and more! These Montana destinations offer something for everyone – some of the places in Montana are well-known, like Glacier National Park, and others are lesser-known […]

8 Mesmerizing Places to Visit in Mauritius South

25 Things to Do in Mauritius - from History to Jaw-dropping Scenery

One of the greatest things about Mauritius is that the island offers diverse landscapes from its north to its south.  Mauritius south, however, is a wild, rugged, and inspiring place. This is a guide to mesmerizing places to visit in Mauritius south. 8 Mesmerizing Places to Visit in Mauritius South Mauritius is a heaven on […]

Best Champagne Books: Guides and Books about Champagne (France)

Best Champagne Books (guides and books about Champagne in France)

After taking a Champagne tour in France, one of the things I regretted most was not educating myself more about the drink before going.  This is a guide to the best Champagne books out there. It will include guides and books about Champagne as well as informative resources about the Champagne region of France. Best […]

19 Best Small Towns in Montana for a Weekend Getaway

Cooke City - Small towns in Montana (mkopka/Depositphotos)

Montana is a gorgeous state known for its unmatched snowy mountains and alpine hiking trails. There are also so many cute small towns in Montana worth visiting in addition to those mountains and trails! Every outdoor adventure lover needs to make a trip to this northern state at least once to experience the beauty Montana […]