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Norway for Free: Can You Go North on a Student Budget?

If you’re a student and love nature, Norway is probably your dream destination. But even though you’d love to explore the country of fjords and mountains, you probably think you’d have to spend a small fortune on the trip. Let’s be straight here. Is Norway more expensive than most travel destinations? Yes. But does that […]

6 Best Places To Spend Your Vacation in Europe This Winter

Christmas in Prague

It’s a well-known truth that not everyone is satisfied with everything your typical winter entails. While the allure of constant and beautiful snow is certainly there for most, some may simply consider the season too cold. For others, it may be getting tired of the overwhelming and omnipresent atmosphere of Christmas. After all, everyone has […]

Four Ways Travel Can Improve Your Quality of Life

Many people do not travel as often as they’d like to…and yet, the benefits of travel are extremely well-established. According to Psychology Today, travel improves mental health by introducing novelty, a change in routine, and thus causes cognitive functions within the brain to operate on higher levels.  Many people have heard the general quotes and […]