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Golfing in Norway: 4 Norwegian Golf Courses to Visit in 2022

Golfing in Norway: Best Courses to play at

Not many people realize it, but Norway has some great golf courses that provide spectacular scenery in a unique location. This is a guide to golfing in Norway and four Norwegian golf courses that enthusiasts should visit in 2022.   Golfing in Norway: 4 Norwegian Golf Courses to Visit in 2022 Norway has quickly become one […]

Asikkala’s Lehmonkärki is the Getaway You Didn’t Know You Needed

trip to Lehmonkärki resort near Lahti, Finland in Finnish Lakeland-31

Lehmonkärki in Asikkala, Finland is one of the best getaways and secrets in all of Finland.  Located a short distance from Finland’s adventure capital, Lahti, this nature resort has it all and is the perfect respite for all types of travelers regardless of whether they are looking for activities or relaxation. This is a guide […]

9 Reasons to Visit Lahti, Finnish Lakeland’s Green Getaway

things to do in lahti and reasons to visit lahti in finnish lakeland-18

There are so many great reasons to visit Lahti, a green and natural destination about two hours north of Helsinki.  This is a list of things to do in Lahti and amazing reasons to visit one of my new favorite green getaways in Finnish Lakeland.  If you have any other reasons to head there, please […]

Best Destinations for Digital Nomads in Scandinavia

Isfjord in Svalbard in Norway

The increasing digitalization of many job categories has created a new class of workers. This new worker doesn’t need to go to an office or attend in-person meetings. This new worker brings the office in the backpack, and because there are no offices to go to, they can work from anywhere in the world, from […]

How to Cheaply Get from Oslo Airport to City Center (+ Tips)

how to get from oslo airport to city center

The natural darling of Scandinavia has a reputation for being a very expensive place to travel. This is a guide detailing how to get from Oslo Airport to the city center the absolute cheapest way. This post was updated on January 2022 and prices are current as of that date. Did we miss anything about the […]