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A Winter’s Day in Skudeneshavn


When one thinks of Norway in winter, they are often drawn to places in the north to see the Northern Lights or towards the ‘mountains’ (Norway doesn’t have large mountains, in my opinion) for some skiing.  I never made an effort to go north for the Northern Lights whilst living there and I, personally, think […]

Budget-Friendly Things to Do in Norway

On the way to Stabbursdalen National Park in Norway from Honningsvåg and the North Cape-3

Norway is a very expensive country. Almost every traveler knows this. That’s why a lot of people who want to visit this Nordic country delay their plans to visit Norway to collect a large sum.  However, it’s a big mistake, especially for those who can hardly collect thousands of dollars for a long time. Norway […]

7 Things to Do in Ruka and Kuusamo, Finland in Winter

Porjolan Pirtti or Santa's Cottage in Lapland, Finland in Kuusamo

My first memories of Lapland trace back to my childhood sitting in geography class learning about the barren and unrelenting landscape of the Nordic north.  I was enthralled and captivated by the cold and the people who could endure such conditions.  After all, I grew up in a place where the summers are so warm […]

Ethical Sami Tours and Tromsø Reindeer Farms You Can Visit

Ethical Sami Tours and Tromsø Reindeer Farms You Can Visit

One of the best activities and excursions in Northern Norway during the winter is visiting a Tromsø reindeer farm and learning more about the Sami culture and their relationship with reindeer.  This guide will showcase ethical Sami tours and places where you can see reindeer in Tromsø. Ethical Sami Tours and Tromsø Reindeer Farms  Unlike […]

Faroe Islands Photography Guide: The Best Spots on Each Island

Gjogv on Eysturoy at dusk - Visit Faroe Islands: A Guide to the Best Views and Photography Spots

There are eighteen islands in the Faroe Islands and they all contain jaw-dropping scenery.  Before you visit the Faroe Islands, you should definitely do your research so you can see as many of the gorgeous spots as possible.  This is a travel guide to the best views and places for Faroe Islands photography. Faroe Islands […]

Whale Watching in Tromsø: 4 Ethical Whale Safaris in Tromsø, Norway

Norway is one of the most beautiful places on the planet (trust me- I know… I lived there for four years!) and it’s not only Norwegians calling the country home, but a lot of sea life as well.  One of the best things to do when visiting Tromsø is to go whale watching.  But, choose […]