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Inside the Abandoned Red Cross Hospital in Dnipro

I knew very little about Dnipro (formerly known as Dnipropetrovsk) before heading there despite trying to actively seek information about the Ukrainian city.  One thing I did know, however, was that the city was littered with abandoned buildings (in Russia and some of the CIS countries, they refer to urban exploration and the interest in […]

Kherson, Ukraine: I’ll Take French Fries With a Side Order of Corruption, Please

Kherson, Ukraine: I'll Take French Fries With a Side Order of Corruption, Please hotel fregat

I assume that 99% of you reading this aren’t travel bloggers.  And I assume that most of you haven’t been to Ukraine, but found this post, or any of my other Ukraine posts merely out of curiosity about the mysterious Eastern European country.  This blog has elatedly promoted several cities in Ukraine over the years […]

Impressions from Zaporizhia, Ukraine

Zaporizhia, Ukraine Lenin Prospekt

Zaporizhia, Zaporozhye, Zaporizhzhya.  I typically spell cities on this site according to what people are searching for on Google, not how I would normally spell it on an everyday basis.  As it turns out, no one is searching for Zaporizhia.  Made that one easy… Zaporizhia is a city in the Zaporizhia Oblast in eastern Ukraine. […]

A Travel Guide to Soviet Kiev, Ukraine

(I will preface this by saying that if you’re offended that I am spelling Kyiv as “Kiev”, please pretend it is spelled the way you prefer throughout; I am spelling it the way most locals do and most travelers search for the name for the sake of this post alone.  On the other hand, don’t […]

11 Kyiv City Tours that Will Show You the Best of Ukraine’s Capital

Things to do in Kiev, Ukraine (Kyiv) Street art

Sightseeing around Ukraine’s capital can be challenging if you’re unfamiliar with the language or traveling alone and aren’t comfortable independently seeing things in a city.  These are some of the best Kyiv city tours that will help you get a taste of the capital city with ease and a bit of organization.  If you have […]