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10 Historic and Beautiful Places to Visit in Lithuania

Places to visit in Lithuania: Kernave

Lithuania was the first Baltic country I stepped foot in, actually. I flew to Vilnius and then ventured to Klaipeda and Trakai and beyond.  Since that first trip, I have traveled to Lithuania around a dozen times. There are many places to visit in Lithuania and that is why I recruited a few other bloggers […]

Craft Beer in Tallinn: Where to Drink Estonian Beer in the Capital

I have been on to the Estonian craft beer scene for years.  In Frankfurt, we actually get some decent craft beer from Estonia.  And, as someone who has traveled to Tallinn quite a few times, I have had ample opportunity to enjoy craft beer in Tallinn (and even over in Tartu)!  When I knew I […]

15 Extremely Useful Things to Know Before You Visit Lithuania

15 Extremely Useful Things to Know Before You Visit Lithuania

There are many important things to know before you visit Lithuania. This is a guest post from Lithuanian bloggers Astraveler indicating all the useful things to know before visiting Lithuania.  We hope that if you’re traveling there… this will be a great starting point for helping you plan your trip to Lithuania. Things to Know […]

18 Awesome Places to Visit in Ukraine (That Are Not Kyiv or Lviv)

Chernivtsi, Ukraine railway station

There is no shortage of amazing places to visit in Ukraine.  Most of us that have traveled the country extensively know this.  Unfortunately, not everyone has had the opportunity to visit Ukraine beyond Kyiv and Lviv and I think that they absolutely should! So, I asked a group of travelers where they want you to […]

How to Get From Boryspil Kyiv Airport to the City (Kyiv Airport Transfers)

How to Get from Kiev Airport to City Center Guide (Transfers)-13

One question I see over and over is how to get from the Boryspil Kyiv Airport to the city center.  It threw me for a loop for years and sometimes still does!  This guide will hopefully help you find a comfortable way from the airport to Kyiv.  It contains options for the airport train, bus, […]