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Exploring Jurmala in Winter

Twenty to thirty minutes away from Riga’s central train station is Jurmala, the largest seaside resort area in Latvia, as well as the Baltics.  I had actually heard a lot about Jurmala before visiting, which actually led me to not have the desire to visit the place as much as other areas in the country […]

Low Budget Escapade In Russia: The Cheapest Places To Visit

Kazan, Russia Hotels and where to stay

Having a limited budget for traveling shouldn’t stop you from visiting the very historical country of Russia. We often read about Russia in history books, and we know how ancient their country is. Traveling to Russia before was a costly choice, but when the ruble started to devalue, Russian escapades had become affordable, especially to […]

Ukrainian National Chernobyl Museum

When I was in Ukraine, I had the opportunity to visit the Ukrainian National Chernobyl Museum in Kiev… a museum dedicated to the events on April 26, 1986, and what has transpired since.  My plan when heading to Ukraine was to actually visit Pripyat/Chernobyl itself, but the tours were shut down indefinitely so I had […]